Monza-Juve, Allegri and the future: “Contract until 2025”

“I get along very well with the new managers. One thing I have learned is that in Juventus men pass but the DNA remains”

We always talk about my future these days. I have a contract with Juventus until 2025, we are working together for the future of the club in the coming years”. Massimiliano Allegri, on the eve of Monza-Juventus, expressed himself in this way about his future. The Tuscan coach has a contract until 2025 but in recent days the related rumors have intensified to the hypothesis of an ‘Antonio Conte bis’ on the Juventus bench. The rumors do not seem to influence Allegri. “I get along very well with the new managers, with the managing director Scanavino, the owners with whom I have had a relationship for 10 years, the new sporting director Giuntoli. There is good harmony to ensure that Juventus has an important future. One thing I learned is that in Juventus men pass but the DNA remains, you have to stay quiet and work while keeping a low profile. I get along very well with this management,” he says.

Juve are fresh from a home draw with Inter and are second in the standings, -2 behind the Nerazzurri. “You have to be good at keeping mentally. Being 2 points behind Inter is a source of pride, but in football things change quickly. Improving, not maintaining, is a very important thing and must be done every day”, he states . Is Juve thinking about the Scudetto? “We must all have the ambition to desire something important but now the most important desire is the match in Monza. For Juventus it was hard to stay out of the Champions League this year, not for sporting demerits, for the charm it has and for the economic and technical damage. So we have to think about this objective.”

Monza beat Juve last year in both the first leg and the second leg. “It’s the only team that took 6 points from us last year and against whom we didn’t even score a goal. Tomorrow will be difficult, it’s an important match as the ones that follow will be important.”

“Tomorrow we face a very good team, well led, with good players, they have put many teams in difficulty. As often happens in football, the difference lies in the defensive phase. In the last 10 games, Monza have not conceded a goal in 3 and in the 7 others only one per game. Even on a defensive level they defend in a united manner.”