Moon Knight on Disney Plus, Marvel inserts QR codes for free comics in the episodes

The episodes of the series hide an easter egg to reveal the classic stories of the superhero

Disney has recently launched on its streaming platform Moon Knight, series starring Oscar Isaac from the comic book of the same name. However, few know that within the two episodes aired so far there are as many QR codes which, when scanned, open special and free comics on the Marvel site. The page in question seems to be updated every week with an episode of the series that inspired the episodes of the show: at the moment the number 32 and number 33 of Werewolf by Night, the very first stories in which he appeared Moon Knight in the 70s. In the comics in question, the hero is hired to capture the werewolf Jack Russell. It is likely that the next four episodes of the show will also contain this easter ego, and that other classic (and otherwise) comics of Moon Knight are made free on The page also reveals a discount code, KHONSHU, which entitles you to an 80 percent discount on the first month of subscription to Marvel Unlimited, the online subscription service for reading the comics of the house of ideas.