Morcellini, former AgCom: “What a mistake to forbid comparisons on TV!”

“On an intelligent and interesting substitution operation after the rejection for Porta a Porta”

“The fundamental mistake was to fail ‘Door to door’ and I am sorry to say it, since in the past I too was among the members of the Communications Guarantee Authority “. Mario Morcelliniformer commissioner AgCominterviewed by AdnKronos, about the lack of TV comparison between the leaders of the two parties that the latest polls published have given in the head, or Giorgia Meloni of Fdi and Enrico Letta of the Pd; confrontation that will take place instead this afternoon on Corriere.itthe website of the ‘Corriere della Sera’.

For Morcellini, “it is not normal that in a democratic country it is not considered a duty and an essential service to address electoral uncertainty, which is painful because it indicates the fact that a sufficient level of information is evidently lacking, which also increases the abstentionism or at least does not fight it. It is unthinkable to prohibit a comparison between the first two, because there are also a third and a fourth, and then perhaps a fifth and a sixth, to claim a level playing field … Limit comparisons it means, in fact, being co-responsible for the increase in abstention. The great uncertainty of voting can only be ‘cured’ in one way: by increasing the share of information “.

From this point of view, observes Morcellini, “the ‘Corriere della Sera’ has made an intelligent and interesting operation of ‘substitution’. Moreover, this electoral law is largely in the majority and one cannot ignore the forces in field, since it is based on the alternation of the main forces. If anything, a weighted average could be made between the actual electoral results achieved in the latest European or political elections and the average of the polls “.

Unfortunately, he adds, “the trouble with this electoral campaign is the limited time given to political information, in a particular season like summer. Anyone who has decided, having the right, to set limits, has not taken into account that the Italians have given so much evidence in the past of an increase in the need for information; and politics should know this … “.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)