Morcellini: “Violence is the root of trapper success”

The sociologist: “Encouragement of marginal, irregular, often even criminal behavior”

“We must admit that the relationship between a certain type of pop music and violence is not an absolute novelty: however much the ‘noise’ of music has multiplied and also the space conquered in society and in the wider world of communication, there is no lack of encouragement to marginal, irregular, often even criminal behaviors, especially in his American ancestry of certain musical proposals “. This is what the sociologist points out Mario Morcellinicommenting to AdnKronos the latest episode of a long list of representatives of trap music, which saw the protagonists of a racist assault on a Nigerian on the outskirts of Milan i trapper Jordan and Traffik.

“There is a component of transgression, which even becomes the central point of the appointment with the public, especially the younger, less prepared and less mature one – observes the sociologist – Often, this transgression, which does not reject even racism or violence, appears just as the fundamental root of the economic fortune and success of certain music, as in the specific case of trap, for a sort of perverse political economy. ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton: ‘evil be you my good!’ … “.

For Morcellini, “in this society, the exaltation of evil is equally legitimate, a currency in full swing, compared to the very rare, marginal, timid, if not mocked, representation of positive values, to the point that ‘feel good’ has become almost an insult. In this very weak cultural climate, we are witnessing a radical and insatiable overestimation of rights, emphasized in the almost total absence of the corresponding duties, as a political figure of the depth of Aldo Moro“.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)