More bad weather in Italy, from Milan to Rome: weather forecast today and tomorrow

It will be a dynamic week from a climate point of view, first milder then colder

More bad weather in Italy where 3 disturbances are on the way. Already from today, Monday 15 January, we will have modest rainfall especially in the Centre-South and a strengthening of the winds, particularly in the Tyrrhenian areas. Snow will make its appearance in the Apennines, albeit at rather high altitudes for this period of the year: current forecasts indicate that the first flakes will only appear above 1600/1700 metres.

In the second half of the week, between Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th January, a new disturbance will arrive which will cause a further worsening of weather conditions, reports This worsening will initially affect central-northern Italy, and will then extend to the south as well. Temperatures will drop and it is possible that snowfall will occur even at very low altitudes, especially in areas such as Piedmont, Lombardy and the upper Veneto , which could see snow falling up to hilly altitudes (approximately 300 metres).