More rain and snowfall in Italy with the cyclonic vortex, forecast today and tomorrow

If everything is confirmed, next weekend could begin with a weak return of the anticyclone

More rain and some snowfall in Italy with a cyclonic vortex that will maintain, at least in part of the country, unstable weather conditions today Thursday 11th January until tomorrow Friday 12th. The bad weather will hit part of the South and Sardinia and then also Sicily and the Ionian sector of Calabria. Also noteworthy is the snow that will make its appearance in the southern Apennines. Isolated rainfall may also affect the rest of the Centre-South, in particular the Adriatic side and Lazio. Greater clearing, however, is expected in the North, in a climate that is also freezing at night and in the early morning.

The cyclone will begin to lose its strength, and then abandon Italy, only during the course of tomorrow as we read on, when residual rains may linger, especially in the morning, in southern Sardinia, in Sicily and on some stretches of Ionian Calabria, while elsewhere increasingly generous clearings will make their way thanks to a modest increase in atmospheric pressure.

If everything is confirmed, in fact, the next weekend could begin in the name of a weak return of the anticyclone, just enough to guarantee a Saturday 13th January with a decidedly more stable and calm atmosphere over a large part of the country, albeit in a freezing weather.