More than 11 thousand speed cameras in Italy, Biserni (Asaps): “Fleximan is Robin Hood in reverse”

“Fleximan? A Robin Hodd in reverse. The well-known thief stole from the rich to give to the poor, Fleximan destroys systems that guarantee greater safety on the roads, it’s a bit strange, isn’t it? What is happening is aberrant, we hope that this gentleman will come identified and that he be called to pay for all the damage he has caused.” Thus to Adnkronos Giordano Biserni, president of Asaps (Association of Supporters and Friends of the Traffic Police). According to the latest estimates reported by Codacons, there are 11,130 speed detectors active in Italy.

“Of course, a reorganization of the speed camera system is necessary – underlines Biserni – and we hope that the provision that the Ministry of Transport should soon launch will bring order to this matter. We have launched a proposal, given the existing confusion about the money collected from traffic fines speed cameras: it would be good to create a single basin, a single container of the amounts deriving from speed cameras to then be distributed among all the municipalities, not just those that have jurisdiction over those sections of road. A single container that also allows for a timely check on how this money is actually spent. In this way it is possible to discover any uses other than those for security”.

“in a country that has had 3,159 deaths on the roads, and which has had 440 pedestrians killed in 2023, 197 cyclists killed, I believe that a reflection on the rules of the road must be made. We see the miracle with the tutor along the motorways, where from From 2004 to today the victims have dropped from 700-750 per year to 295. And then together with speed limiters we would like to see more traffic police or local police patrols, so that we can immediately contest the infringement: let’s not forget that every thousand cameras there are 190 fewer victims per year.”