More than 20 years apart, but today Angela and Michael 90 days to fall in love are still together? Twist of the scene

90 days to fall in love Angela and Michael had more than 20 years apart, but now still together? Twist of the scene.

All fans of 90 days to fall in love they will remember the story of Angela and Michael. The two – despite more than 20 years of difference – have chosen to participate in the famous Real Time program, even getting married. No one would have bet on them, yet Angela and Michael have formed one of those most beautiful couples in docu-reality.

Angela Michael. Credits: Youtube

She from the US and he from Nigeria, Angela and Michael met for the first time in America and immediately chose to be together. Misunderstandings and quarrels, of course, have always been the order of the day, but their love has always been so strong that he has managed to overcome everything. What happened, though, after their wedding? They too – as well as Annie and David – were of different ages, but was this a hindrance to their wedding? Apparently, it would seem not! Let’s try to understand, however, what happened to the couple and if, even today, they are together.

Are Angela and Michael still together after 90 days of falling in love?

The love story between Angela and Michael 90 days to fall in love he never stopped giving twists. Although strongly in love with each other, the couple has experienced a lot of ups and downs and their admirers have seriously thought that their love story could end at any moment. Was it really so? It must be said that with the passage of time things between them do not improve at all. With the onset of Covid and Angela’s departure for the United States to look after her mother, the 90-day couple had to wait two years to fall in love before meeting again. In the meantime, however, Angela has been very busy. Always tied to her husband, who in the meantime was in Nigeria and couldn’t reach her at all, she underwent several surgeries and really lost a lot of weight. Even now, on her official social channel, the woman shows herself in excellent shape.

But what happened to her marriage to Michael? Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of information about it! On the web, it is said that the couple continues to be together, but on social networks there are no traces of the continuation of this marriage. Therefore, we cannot give you a certain answer. What we have confirmation on is also Angela to date seems a completely different person. Even prettier than her early marriage, the former TLC face sports a stellar body shape. Here she is:

angela michael 90 days to fall in love
Angela today. Credits: Instagram

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