More than 340 kg per Vite al Limite: the comparison between yesterday and today is impressive, it is totally another person

With more than 340 kg per Vite al Limite: the comparison between yesterday and today is impressive, today the patient of Dr. Nowzaradan is a completely different person.

The key to the success of Lives to the Limit it is precisely this: to tell the story of those severely obese patients who need to get back in shape and show the change. And how many have been told over the years? Definitely a lot! And some, we assure you, have been truly shocking!

Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

Do you remember the protagonist of our article? She was one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients during the fourth season of Lives on the Edge that most got involved. Joining the Houston clinic weighing more than 340 kg, the woman felt the need to get back in shape. Contributing to this desire for her was not only her extra pounds, but also her total immobility for about two years. In fact, to the television cameras of the program, the woman said she was afraid of dying, given her heavy weight, and that she used to spend her days completely in bed. In fact, her family took care of her, while she spent most of her time eating. Have you seen how she is today? She is totally another person: here is the comparison between yesterday and today.

After Vite al Limite, the comparison is impressive: it is difficult to recognize it today

At the time of his participation in Lives on the Limit, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient weighed over 340 kg. On the cameras of the Real Time program she told that she reached that weight because of her childhood. Victim of sexual harassment by one of her uncles when she was a child, she learned to take her pain out in food, but very soon the consequences were inevitable. Having reached the age of 40 and realizing her current health conditions, the woman could not help but ask someone expert for help. How did she become her?

The protagonist of our article today is Teretha Nollis, 47 from Michigan. Thanks to Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet, the woman managed to lose more than 100 kg, but tracking her on her social networks we found that she seems to have lost even more weight. Curious to see her? We have made for you a comparison between the Teretha at the time of Vite al Limite and that of today, the result is truly surprising:

lives to the limit comparison
Teretha first. Credits: Discovery
lives to the limit comparison
Teretha today. Credits: Facebook

In short, there is no need to add anything else: the images between yesterday and today are quite exhaustive. We don’t know how much her weight is today, but Teretha’s results can be seen with the naked eye.