More thunderstorms, weather forecast for Wednesday and June 2 long weekend

No anticyclone, June like May

Still bad weather in Italy. Increasingly frequent and widespread thunderstorms over the country targeted by thunderbolts and showers, more widespread in the centre-south but also present in the north-west. Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist at, confirms that it’s all the fault of the Azores anticyclone which this year headed towards northern Europe, leaving the Mediterranean uncovered.

Even the African anticyclone is the great absentee of the period: in other words, from the Balkans to Spain, passing through Italy, there are very intense and numerous thunderstorms. The rains, and at times even the hail, are affecting the mainland in particular: the sea is not yet so warm and there are fewer thunderstorms; normally the Italian basins are more affected by these phenomena from the end of the summer. But be careful, thunderstorms will still accompany us for a long time: the high pressure centered on North-West Europe will allow the entry of fresh and unstable air from the Polish-Ukrainian area.

Until the anticyclonic block retreats towards the Atlantic Ocean, or until the African anticyclone expands from the Maghreb towards our country, we will have thunderstorms. At the moment the forecast of the main computing centers and our long-range weather model indicates the high possibility of having the Azores anticyclone in the same position until at least mid-June.

In summary, the forecast that can be issued today is sensational: there will be unstable weather for another 15 days, with blue skies in the morning and frequent thunderstorms in the afternoon; analyzing further meteorological maps it even turns out that even from 15 to 30 June temperatures could remain below the average for the period, while the sky would unload frequent rain showers over most of Italy. In short, a forecast that surprises us, but which will have to be confirmed: after a stormy and cool month of May, even June could be mild and stormy.

For lovers of the climate of the past, this is excellent news: rains are coming which are essential for agriculture and not only, maximum temperatures are arriving around 27-29°C, tropical nights and suffocating sultriness are not expected in the city, there is no they predict 35-40°C for the next few weeks: all in all the exchange of thunderstorms – acceptable heat could be advantageous, net of the danger of possible storms.

Today, Wednesday 31 May – In the north: bad weather in Piedmont, showers in Emilia, more sun elsewhere. In the middle: distinctly unstable weather conditions. In the south: diffusely unstable with rains and thunderstorms almost everywhere.

Tomorrow, Thursday 1 June – In the north: thunderstorms in the Alps. In the centre: initially sunny everywhere, then many thunderstorms in Sardinia, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. In the south: scattered thunderstorms.

Friday 2 June – In the north: afternoon thunderstorms in the Alps, Pre-Alps, Apennines. Middle: Initially sunny everywhere, then widespread thunderstorm instability. In the south: scattered rains and thunderstorms.

TREND – June 2 long weekend – in the following days we will still have opportunities for scattered rains and thunderstorms, especially after mid-day.