More trouble for Fifa: non-alcoholic World Cup in Qatar

No Budweiser in stadiums and special drinking zones and limit to 4 pints

Non-alcoholic World Cup? the Qatari hosts are lobbying Fifa for stop the sale of beer in the eight stadiums of the World Cup. Budweiser is one of Fifa’s biggest sponsors, but on Saturday it was asked to relocate the stalls selling its products in stadiums to less prominent venues. Meanwhile, today the company tweeted from its official account “well, this is embarrassing…”, tweet that has since been deleted. In response to the request to move its outlets, Budweiser AB InBev told Sky News it “was notified of this on November 12 and is working with FIFA to relocate the concession outlets in the locations as directed.” Fans, the Daily Mail reports, “will have to make do with buying alcohol in ‘fan zones’ between certain times, where a pint will cost £12 with limits set at four per person to stop people getting drunk. The rule change was made at the request of the sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thanibrother of the ruler of Qatar”.

And very close comes the official decision of the World Football Federation: “After discussions between the host country’s authorities and FIFA, a decision has been made to concentrate the sale of alcohol at the FIFA Fan Festival and licensed venues, removing outlets from stadium perimeters. There is no impact on sale of Bud Zero, which remains available in every World Cup stadium in Qatar Host country authorities and FIFA will continue to ensure that stadiums and the areas surrounding them can provide an enjoyable, respectful and enjoyable experience for all fans. The tournament organizers appreciate that AB InBev’s understanding and continued support for our combined commitment to provide a service for all during Qatar 2022.”

The sale of alcohol is tightly controlled in Qatar, but should be available in the area immediately outside match venues and fan zones, as well as inside hotels. Finally, according to the Times, “the most recent plan is that the brewer’s red awnings may now not be visible around stadiums; unbranded white replacements are being considered. Refrigerators in the company’s famous red colors are likely to be replaced by blue ones, the color associated with Budweiser’s non-alcoholic brand, Budweiser Zero”.