Morgan out of X Factor? The rumors after attacks on Fedez, Ambra and Francesca Michielin

With three episodes to go the musician risks leaving the talent show, a very tense climate

The news is not official and it is not known whether it will become official but the rumors are insistent: Morgan could leave ‘X Factor’ after the clashes and controversies of the last few days. No official position has been revealed from Sky – and the decision is probably still being examined by the leaders of the program and the broadcaster – but the rumors about an early farewell to the musician coach’s talent are multiplying.

The attacks on Fedez, Ambra and Francesca Michielin: what happened

The discussions between the judges during last Thursday’s live broadcast sparked the controversy. “It’s not a pretty sight at the table tonight,” Ambra had said at a certain point. Immediately ‘struck’ by a vitriolic joke from Morgan: “The rhetoric of tears is beautiful”the former Blu Vertigo had said, amidst the sounds of disapproval from the public.

And when Francesca Michielin intervened asking to let Ambra speak, Morgan had increased the amount of acrimony, saying: “Ivan Graziani is waiting for you over there, he is collaborating with Annalisa”, underlining what had appeared to be a gaffe by the presenter in the previous episode, when with Colapesce he had seemed unaware of Ivan Graziani’s death. At that point Fedez intervened asking Morgan to stop. “Thanks Fedez, can you act as a psychologist for me? Or are you too depressed to be a psychologist”Morgan replied, referring to the health problems recently revealed by the rapper, while his colleagues at the table stared and even the public contested the performance of the ‘older’ coach.

The matter didn’t end there, because the climate of the live broadcast had also moved behind the scenes, as evidenced by a video of an outburst that appeared on social media, where Morgan could be seen arguing heatedly with Ambra and then getting up and leaving, after having sent her ‘ affanc…’. In the following days, criticism of Morgan’s behavior multiplied on social media which, according to many observers, in addition to being unpleasant for colleagues, was unfair towards the competitors, forced to perform in an overly tense climate. Morgan himself, in the fourth live, ended up losing two competitors: both Selmi and the SickTeens were eliminated and only Astromare remained in the competition for his team.

Morgan, as is known, is no stranger to television clashes and controversies that leave their mark. The musician had already risked not taking part in the live shows when this summer he became the protagonist of a spat with a spectator at one of his concerts, who in the end he had addressed as “fro… shit”. Only the donation of half of his salary to an association that deals with finding accommodation for homosexual children forced to leave families who do not accept them had convinced Sky management to keep him on the show (whose selection episodes, including auditions and bootcamps , had already been recorded with Morgan’s presence).

Now we will have to see, with 3 episodes to go, whether it will be decided to continue with the judges’ table unchanged or whether the climate behind the scenes has become so tense as to make it difficult to continue the program with the cast unchanged. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy for the program managers to find a running replacement. But the fact that Morgan only has one competitor on the team makes the eventual decision less painful.