Morgan: “Ready to engage in the Mic, no arrests for rave parties”

Marco Castoldi comments on the announcement of the new Undersecretary to the Ministry of Culture, Vittorio Sgarbi, about an ‘ad hoc’ department for music to be created within the Mic and to be entrusted to Morgan – “In rave parties, there are dark aspects and twisted, but the point is not to ban them, arrest participants and put them in jail but to propose better alternative ideas “

“Music is culture; and song, as a form of music, is the most widespread art form in the world, the most important because it is present everywhere in the modern world: it is practically our daily nourishment, equivalent to the role it plays. bread for our physical body is nourishment for the mind and soul. But it is a musical form that has not even been ‘formalized’ in an academic way, always left in the hands of the market: as if it had no cultural dignity , which instead has “. Marco Castoldi, aka Morganinterviewed by AdnKronos, comments on the announcement of the new undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Vittorio Sgarbiabout an ‘ad hoc’ department for music to be created within the Mic and to be entrusted to Morgan.

“The song must be taken seriously, also because it has a considerable economic and social importance, it connects human beings in a transversal way, in the family and between generations – underlines Morgan – It is an element, an instrument of social building and a great chance to communicate messages, especially to the younger generations who are attracted to it. The power of this art form is enormous but so far it has been neglected. “

And then, he continues, “culture must take control of the fate and potential of this musical form which is the song, in its many genres; and in this sense it is right that it be created in Ministry of Culture a department dedicated to music, which must not only be the prerogative of the show and the market. Music must have its own ‘home’ and the Mic must take responsibility for it, to manage it on a social level, avoiding exploitation for economic and recording purposes. Discography of which, among other things, Italy represents the eighth world market as producers “, remembers Morgan.

“The Italian discography sector must be completely revolutionized, a sector reform is needed that includes many themes, including ‘Sanremo Festival’ oi talent show – Morgan explains – We are talking about great economic interests, which have never been held together by a gaze that is capable of safeguarding the beauty of music, as is the case with art or the environmental landscape. We must exploit this potential, if we did we would be the richest country in the world! “.

A similar theme, for Morgan, “concerns the study of music in schools and conservatories, which need to be supported with adequate investments. And then, it is necessary to restore the masterpieces of Italian song, as is done for a monument, such as he did for example. personally Ivano Fossati with songs by Giorgio Gaber: but it must be done at the institutional level, because it is a heritage of enormous value, just think of the work of Luigi Tenco you hate Fabrizio De Andrè“.

Morgan he says he is “ready to put all my efforts to reunite many themes concerning music, but which at the moment are frayed and kept separate, re-establishing an institutional competence and role, also to safeguard that cultural product that is the song, both popular or author “.

As for the measures announced by the Government to contain and prevent the phenomenon of rave partylast case the one organized in the surroundings of Modenafor Morgan “there are turbid and twisted aspects to rave parties: but the point is not to ban them, arrest participants and put them in jail; if anything, we must ensure that they are not attractive to young people, proposing better alternative ideas”.

Proposals that “obviously, must not be boring but attractive and daring, with equally interesting music, for a form of ‘competition’ at rave parties which, among other things, also take place in hygienic conditions that are often very precarious, sometimes almost dumps – observes Morgan – And then, the music must be proposed with technical levels of quality, with the right decibels and the right harmonics and not with listening to rumbling sounds that dazzle the brain and damage the organism. If you spread the sound at the right level, music is a pleasure; if you leave it to chance and shoot a thousand amplifications it is no longer a good experience “.

But, Morgan points out, “before banning the rave party, it is necessary to know them, the ways and places in which they are organized, what they offer, the level of the music listened to, must be studied well; and offer better alternatives. For example, it is also necessary to make our daily reality more alive, which is not reduced only to the day but also includes the night, which should not be turned off but kept on. Let’s stop with the set times, because the night is part of life and music, like bread, is made right at night … “, he concludes Morgan.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)