Morgan replies to Bugo after the accusations on Instagram: “You are humanly poor”

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Not only are you not able to compete technically, you are humanly poor”. On Rolling StoneMorgan replied to outburst of Bugo that in the latest Instagram stories, after three years of silence since leaving the Sanremo 2020 stage, he accused the Bluvertigo singer of being an “artist” who needs the “politicotto on duty” to work because “you will never be a songwriter”. Morgan then turned back the clock to the diplomatic incident and subsequent disqualification that occurred at the Ariston and explained the reason for changing the text of the song Sincere in the verses “bad intentions, rudeness“: “Eight lines that made you run away, when if you were able you could have answered. You had the chance to but you’re not capable, once you’re on stage without your prompters and you’re pissing yourself off. I wanted to reprimand you for your “bad impression last night“, when you have committed a serious human and artistic errorMeaning what you bullied on the cover of Sergio Endrigo singing where you shouldn’t and storming the stage in an overbearing and vulgar way to play the prima donna, because your managers forced you to bully me and you, like a puppet, performed without realizing that you were doing it big: yet another bullshit “. Morgan also added that “three years have gone by and you still haven’t understood the lyrics I wrote on your face, on stage, that all of Italy has memorized, perhaps because writing a song on the spot to say things to whoever you like bullyingto tell a feeling of indignation without insults or verbal violence but with the simple urgency of publicly denouncing the abuses of a person supported by a team of avid mobbers protected by an entire rotten and arrogant system, singing but saying something true in the midst of fiction and boring pre-packaged junk, that’s something interesting.”


The singer-songwriter then underlined the different ways of approaching the creative experience: “I’m on stage with artists who are giants like Celentano, like Fossati, like Renato Zero, De Gregori, Ranieri, and I learn from them very humbly, I improvise in live television in front of millions of viewers e I don’t allow myself or dare to want to be a braggart and surpass the artist on stage with whom I have a relationship of great esteem and respect”. Morgan continued: “You’re pissing yourself off after you’ve been a vandal, and a coward too. You’re not just a songwriter who doesn’t write his own stuff, you’re not even a showman because you played it terribly, you and your instigators”. The ex-X Factor judge also attacked Bugo because “you put yourself in the squalid position of denouncing me, asking me for money and preventing me from receiving even a single euro from the sales of the album, which came out as a duet and still bears the My name. You threw it on the money. What a low level. You didn’t understand the irony, you continued to bully me and you continue to do it by saying bullshit and spitting on someone who truly gave you the greatest gift of your life”. Finally, Morgan replied to the accusations of not being a valid songwriter with an excursus of his career: “When I received the Tenco plates for my albums, you wrote:” I stepped on shit “. When I wrote, produced and sang with my band Bluvertigo and won the MTV Awards, you wrote: “I break my balls”. Who is the songwriter? I am many other things. In the last ten years, in addition to having written a song in your face like making an espresso, I have published four books, made two soundtracks for the theatre, released five albums, one of which is classical music and one of experimental electronics, I wrote a symphonic novel of five hours and twenty-two minutes that I realized in its entirety (Morgan’s audiobook), and it is my most beautiful musical work. Added to this are more than a hundred arrangements for the songs assigned to the talents thanks to which Marco Mengoni, Noemi, Michele Bravi, Chiara Galiazzo, Antonio Maggio, Matteo Becucci have won, which is why I entered the Guinness Book of Records as the best judge of X factor in the world. Bugo, listen to me, have a laugh and “thank goodness you’re on this stage, respect whoever brought you on it””.