Morgan responds to Fedez: “Me Meloni’s bootlicker? You’ve hit rock bottom”

The former X Factor judge: “Fedez doesn’t understand music and insulted those who were absent: now are they kicking him out?”

“I liked Fedez last night, he had more determination than usual, at least a bit of verve.” This is how Morgan is ironic, as in her chat he comments on Fedez’s attack on him last night during the episode of ‘X Factor’. The rapper defined the former judge as “a toady” who knelt in front of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Undersecretary Vittorio Sgarbi. “But now that he has blurted out, will they chase him away too or does insulting those who are absent on television conform to the spirit and values ​​of Sky? or me!”, adds Morgan sarcastically. And on Fedez’s vitriolic “joke”, with which the rapper not even covertly accused him of ‘flattering’ towards the government, Morgan displaces: “I liked the joke about Sgarbi and Meloni – he says – It’s clear that he doesn’t know much about music, it’s not his field”, he says caustically. To then add, more seriously: “I’d say it’s uncommentable. You can only be ironic, there’s no point in going any lower than that“.

“Divergences between human beings are not a beautiful thing, they are not a show of art, you don’t learn anything – underlines the former Bluvertigo – I have different thoughts in my head, ideas, visions of music and stories to tell, and I also think that if there is one thing that every artist has the moral duty to promote, it is beauty, and beauty is not simply an aesthetically sublime form, but is the expression and fulfillment of the human soul in a state of grace. that an artist never forgets are harmony, dialogue, communication, expression, understanding. Forgiveness. Hate is not something for artists.”