Morgan, victory in court: acquitted of tax fraud charges

The Milan Court of Appeal confirms the first degree verdict

Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan, was fully acquitted of the charge of tax fraud. The singer himself communicated this in his chat, reporting that the Milan Court of Appeal confirmed the decision of the Monza court, which had acquitted the former Bluvertigo of the crime of “fraudulent evasion of tax payments”. “I thank the lawyers Leonardo Cammarata, Rossella Gallo, Alessandro Ingrassia, Lidia Lo Giudice for the result obtained from their commitment”, comments Morgan.

For the artist, a ‘victory’ in an eventful period. Morgan was recently fired from X Factor 2023, the Sky talent show in which he participated as a judge with Fedez, Dargen D’Amico and Ambra. After an episode characterized by clashes, vitriolic jokes and accusations, Morgan was excluded from the broadcast in mid-November. The provision adopted by the broadcaster and the production company was accompanied by Morgan’s statements and those of the other judges, Fedez first and foremost, who continued the soap opera.