Moro, Maria Fida: “Finally equated to victims of terrorism, thanks to Meloni”

The daughter of the Christian Democrat statesman killed by the Red Brigades: “Boundless gratitude to the Prime Minister” for the application of law 206 e3l 2004

“Honour to merit! Today, March 17, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni informed me, cheers, that the Chamber of Deputies has moved actively for theapplication of law 206 of 2004 in favor of Aldo Moro. Law of which I have asked for the application for almost twenty years in a row and I had lost hope”. The news was reported by Maria Fida and Luca Moro, respectively daughter and granddaughter of the Christian Democrat statesman killed by the Red Brigades.

“My son and I – continues Maria Fida Moro – express boundless gratitude to the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni for this unexpected gift, an Easter miracle which reassures Luca that his grandfather is finally on a par with the other victims and there is no longer an unfair inequality to hurt us further. I add for the record and also because I’m pleased to do it that we needed a woman in command. Where dozens of men were ‘stunned’ to watch, only one young woman went to the destination. Three times hurray. Miracles exist but this special miracle has filled us with joy. Well done President, well done. May the Lord fill her with gifts and may her happiness accompany her, together with her loved ones, every day of her life. Joy 1 Tears 0″.