Moro, Persichetti: “For the investigating judge there is no charge”

The former Br, today a historical researcher: “But the forensic copy of the archive that they seized me remains in the prosecutor’s office until the conclusion of the investigation. With all due respect to the freedom of historical research”

There are no “questions regarding the confidentiality of the data, which are still covered by investigative secrecy; whereas, on the other hand, any question of the ‘usability’ of the data itself is simply premature and cannot be imported to date, in the absence of an accusation that still may not yet never be formulated “. The Gip of the Court of Rome Valerio Savio writes this at the end of the provision which denies for the moment the return of the forensic copies, or the digital clone of the archive seized 16 months ago from the former Br and today historical researcher Paolo Persichetti in investigation that sees him under investigation in Rome for the alleged disclosure of confidential material by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro.

“The accusation still does not exist and may never even exist: this is the decisive step that summarizes the substance of an investigation that has accused the freedom of historical research”, comments Persichetti on his blog, underlining how for the investigating judge, “despite ‘the absence of a charge’, which even ‘may never be formulated’, the forensic copies of the archive must remain in the hands of the prosecutor until the investigation is concluded. freedom of historical research “.