Mortgages, is it the right time to replace?

The increase in rates, wanted by the ECB to combat inflation, also weighs on loans and mortgages. Is it the right time to surrogate? Is the fixed or variable rate better? Is the cap variable really convenient? On Sky TG24 Business, the advice of Guido Bertolino of

The ECB has chosen a restrictive policy to achieve a cooling of inflation, in a period of very strong rise in prices. All this also affects loans and mortgages, which weigh on the household budget. Many wonder if it is convenient to make a subrogation, that is to transfer a mortgage from one bank to another to benefit from more advantageous conditions. To answer this and other questions, in the episode of Sky TG24 Business, Guido Bertolino, Head of Business Development of

The other answers in the episode of Sky TG24 Business on 30 September (review it here), where the proposals to mitigate the expensive bills were also addressed with Gianclaudio Torlizzifounder of T-Commodity. Space also to the usual point on the performance of the markets with Vincenzo Longo, IG strategist and hacker attacks against some companies in the energy sector with Lorenzo Asuni, Chief Marketing Officer Ermes.