Mosquitoes, today the World Day of the “most dangerous animals on the planet”

WHO: “Diseases transmitted by the mosquito vector endanger the lives of billions of people”

Mosquitoes “are the most dangerous animals on earth since can transmit diseases such as: malaria, dengue, filariasis, chikungunya, zika, yellow fever. Diseases transmitted by the mosquito vector put the lives of billions of people at risk. “This was recalled by the World Health Organization (WHO) today on the occasion of World Mosquito Day. On 20 August 1897 Sir Donald Ross, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1902, he discovered that the pinch of female mosquitoes of the Anopheles species can make humans contract malaria, from this important discovery August 20 is dedicated to World Mosquito Day.

Over 600,000 people die from mosquito-borne malaria every year“, notes the WHO, in 2020 there were an estimated 241 million cases of malaria all over the world.

World Mosquito Day was created to raise awareness of the causes of insect-borne diseases and to prevent these diseases. The Aedes, Anopheles and Culex mosquitoes act as vectors and lead to the spread of diseases.