Mostra Cinema Venezia 2023, Woody Allen: “A film in Italy? I could think about it”

“In France the experience was so good that I could also consider other proposals”

“After shooting a film in France in French, will I also shoot in other countries? It depends. I get calls to shoot new films, even in Iceland for example. If I have a good idea for Italy or Germany I could consider it. In France the experience was so beautiful that I could also consider other proposals”. American director and actor Woody Allen said this during the press conference at the Venice Film Festival 2023 for the world premiere of ‘Coup de Chance’ , presented out of competition.

I have a wonderful idea to make a film in New York. If some madman were to finance my new film, agreeing with my script, I would gladly shoot in New York again,” Woody Allen explained.

In his statements to the press, the director made a number of considerations. “We can’t fight against death. What we can do is not think too much about death, there is no escape route-he said-We mustn’t think about it too much, we must distract ourselves”.

“I’ve always been very lucky – he added – I had two parents who loved me, many friends, a beautiful life, a wonderful marriage, children, I’ll be 88 soon, I’ve never been in hospital, nothing terrible happened to me. never happened and so I was always very lucky”.

“When I started making films everyone emphasized the things I did well, without holding me responsible for other things; they have always been very generous with me. Also as a director I have always been very lucky because I have always been highly praised and respected and attention”, explained the American director and actor, adding with a smile: “But it’s just afternoon so who knows…”.

Allen then made a general consideration: “My films often talk about how capricious luck is and how it plays an important role in life”.