Mostra Venezia, Telese presents ‘Stato di Grazia’ on Ambrogio Crespi. And he: “Today I’m reborn”

Long applause and standing ovation for the documentary film

“One thing is certain: today I was reborn. And this thanks to those who supported me, to my family that I love, to all of you who are present and to justice and the judges, because always remember this: we must believe in justice, otherwise we will the crime game”. Ambrogio Crespi is moved speaking with Adnkronos at the presentation of the film ‘State of Grace‘, directed by Luca Telese and officially screened today for the first time on the Lido. The film tells the incredible judicial vicissitude that happened to the anti-mafia director, convicted of external competition in a mafia association and today free after the intervention of a historic act, or the partial pardon granted by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

“Today there is a lot of emotion – director Luca Telese tells AdnKronos -. We worked on it scrupulously and rigorously and I think there is a great message of hope: that there could be a fourth level of judgment in Italy, which is that of freedom, intelligence and the desire not to give up”. The film develops through the words and looks of Ambrogio Crespi, his family and his friends, but also of symbolic figures in the fight against the mafias, such as Sergio De Caprio, the ‘Captain Last’ who arrested Totò Riina, and Benedetto Zoccola witness of justice. Alongside them also institutional figures such as Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania, Sergio D’Elia, secretary of ‘Hands Off Cain’, Francesco Storace and Sandro Gozi; journalists such as Gian Marco Chiocci, director of Tg1, and Peter Gomez, director of Il Fatto Quotidiano; judges, lawyers and directors of the prisons of San Vittore and Opera.

Among the protagonists of the film also the Albanian premier Edi Rama. “A privilege and an honor – he explained after the screening -. It looks like an American film, but what is incredible is that it is not a film, but a life story. It is a film that goes beyond the story of Ambrogio and beyond the personal drama, and must be seen by all those concerned with doing justice because it embodies the very ideal of justice. Because it is justice itself that performed the miracle”. The Undersecretary for Culture Gianmarco Mazzi, who was present representing the institutions, was also impressed: “It is a film of social denunciation that raises disturbing questions – said Mazzi -. Seeing it is an emotional shock, I felt anger, fury, and then when the magistrate there was a beautiful and positive catharsis. One question among all: perhaps this was a mistake that justice could not afford”. (from the correspondent Ilaria Floris)

A long, warm applause and a standing ovation greeted the film ‘State of Grace’ at the Venice Film Festival, directed by Luca Telese, which recounts the judicial affair of Ambrogio Crespi. The docufilm, produced by Proger Smart Communication (PSC) and Alfio Bardolla Training Group (ABTG) and directed by Luca Telese, tells the extraordinary story of Ambrogio Crespi and his family: from anti-mafia director to man convicted of external competition in mafia association. The darkness of the long months in prison interrupted by a historic and one of a kind act, the pardon granted by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. A journey that has been able to transform a tragedy into a small miracle, a masterpiece made of strength, love, family and friends, life, resilience, but also fear and a sense of helplessness.