Mother arrested for double infanticide in Bergamo: she allegedly suffocated her children

According to investigators, there are serious indications of guilt against the young woman for the death of her first daughter at 4 months old and her second child at 2 months old

He would have suffocated his two months old children. With this accusation the Bergamo carabinieri arrested a young woman, accused of voluntary homicide. The investigations, coordinated by the Bergamo prosecutor’s office and conducted by the operational section of the Carabinieri company, made it possible to collect serious indications of guilt against the woman.
She is accused of causing the death of her first daughter, just 4 months old, on November 15, 2021, and her second son, just two months old, on October 25, 2022.

The investigations

The investigations began on October 25, 2022, the date of the death of the second child aged just two months. The death had occurred in the house in Pedrengo in the Bergamo area, where the woman had requested 118 intervention. The tender age of the child and the similarities with the previous premature death of the woman’s first daughter, which occurred less than a year earlier, had led the police to investigate the causes of death and the judicial authorities ordered an autopsy of the newborn. The outcome of the autopsy examination, which arrived in February 2023, revealed that the child’s death was unequivocally caused by acute mechanical asphyxia from chest compression: according to investigators this asphyxiation was achieved through a voluntary action, which highlighted the objective of causing the child’s death.

The investigations made it essential to carefully re-evaluate the causes of the death of the first daughter, which occurred on 15 November 2021. Even on that occasion, only the mother was present at home, who had reported having given milk to the child and having made her digest in her arms until she fell asleep, only to then realize, after taking a shower, that the little girl, lying in her crib, had become cyanotic and was no longer breathing. The doctor who intervened, in noting the child’s death, in the absence of obvious signs, declared that he had aspirated abundant milk from the child’s endotracheal tube and had therefore explained that probably the premature birth of the child, born at 7 months, had led to a deficit of swallowing, so as to believe that the death had occurred due to natural causes, attributable to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Sids), commonly known as ‘cot death’, allowing the subsequent burial of the body.

The public prosecutor thus ordered, almost two years after the little girl’s funeral, the exhumation of her body in the Pedrengo cemetery to carry out the autopsy examination. Unfortunately, due to previous damage to the coffin, good preservation of the little girl’s body was not possible, which is why the test in question was found to be distorted and did not provide conclusive information for the ongoing investigations. Nonetheless, the investigation, which continued in the traditional way, through numerous interviews with doctors, relatives, specialists and friends of the woman, and through the analysis of the extensive medical documentation acquired, allowed, also in relation to the death of the first daughter, to bring to light serious indications of guilt against the woman, resulting in particular from a series of conflicting statements provided by the suspect over time, which did not correspond to what was ascertained by the carabinieri.

The little girl, although born preterm and slightly underweight, the investigators point out, upon discharge from the nursery and in subsequent pediatric visits was essentially as healthy as her brother: therefore, they point out, the death had probably occurred not from natural causes, but from asphyxiationso as not to leave external signs on the corpse visible upon external examination, but at the same time compatible both with homicidal conduct similar to that used by the suspect against her second child, and with using a pillow, to which the woman had referred, indicating it as a possible cause of the child’s accidental suffocation, only after learning of the investigations against her. Thus, following the investigations carried out, the circumstantial framework outlined by the investigators identified the triggering cause of the infanticide action, for both crimes, ininability of the mother to cope with the frustration of prolonged crying of the childrenexcluding its possible negligent connotation.

During the investigation, from the examination of the suspect’s health documentation before and after the criminal events, no mental disorder of the woman emerged, therefore it is believed that she acted in her full capacity of understanding and will, appearing lucid, well oriented, with great capacity for language, rationalization and coldness, characteristics revealed, among other things, in the organization of her own defence, after discovering that she was suspected of the two infanticides. The investigating judge at the Court of Bergamo, agreeing with the investigative hypothesis formulated by the Prosecutor’s Office, issued the precautionary custody order in prison against the woman, allegedly responsible for the double murder, which was carried out this morning, highlighting her marked danger. social and a concrete and current danger of repeating the crime.