Mother’s Day, Roccella: “Today motherhood is threatened by a surrogate uterus”

The Minister of the Family against the children of gay couples: “We were all born of a man and a woman, and this is what makes us equal in diversity”

New lunge of the Minister of the Family, Eugenia Roccella, against the surrogate uterus. “Today is Mother’s Day (in the photo I am embracing mine who is no longer there). A day that concerns each of us, without differences: we were all born of a man and a woman, and that is what makes us equal in diversity. We are all children, raised in the protective womb of a mother who allowed us to come into the world. Thanks to the mothers, therefore, to the women who express their motherhood in a thousand ways, even when, by choice or for the circumstances of life, they don’t have children of their own, but always know how to devote energy and intelligence to care, and to others”. written on social media on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Today motherhood is threatened in many ways: from a culture that has forgotten its social value, from an organization of work that often penalizes it, from urban times and spaces that do not facilitate it, and finally from a global market where oocytes can be sold and the uterus can be rented, as if the female body were a simple consumer good. Instead, we want to go back to giving value to motherhood, and to recognize the precious work that women give to the entire community when they bring a child into the world and help it grow. Thanks to the mothers, to all the mothers, for what they do, and for who they are”.

but theattack on surrogacy also comes from Matteo Salvini. “I am against the surrogate womb because I think it is a commodification of the woman’s body”. Like Sofia, even today in more than 600 Italian squares, thousands of towns and citizens are signing to make the surrogate womb a universal crime. Women and children are not for sale: come to a Lega gazebo or make your voice heard online:”, he wrote on social media relaunching the Lega initiative.