Motoring, the cars admitted to the Mille Miglia 2023

The historic race will start on June 13th

At the end of the work of the Selecting Commission which scrupulously examined each of the applications received, the list of 405 cars admitted to the 1000 Miglia which will start on June 13th is now official. There will be 74 specimens that took part in the 1000 Miles of speed held between 1927 and 1957. This was announced by the organization.

Scrolling through the list, alongside Alfa Romeo which will field 47 specimens, it is worth mentioning some models of the most refined craftsmanship of the 1940s (OSFA, Ermini, Stanguellini, Moretti, Paganelli, Gilco and Bandini) and a rare Itala from 1929. In addition to the group of powerful custom-built cars such as Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz and OSCA, models of small cars such as Goliath, Fiat and Renault will parade.

To challenge the Vesco-Salvinelli crew, in the hunt for the consecutive pair trio after the victories of 2021 and 2022, will be drivers of the caliber of Belometti with Bergomi and Turelli with Turelli (second and third in 2022), Luca Patron, Aliverti with Valente , Fontanella with Covelli, Sisti with Gualandi as well as Matteo Belotti, winner of the 2023 Alpine Cup. Franco Gussalli Beretta, President of Confindustria Brescia, will also take the wheel again, competing with his son Carlo and Roberto Rollino, already winner of the 1988 1000 Miglia , at the start with the 1100 S-Gobbone with which his father participated in 1948.

The largest group of participants from abroad counts 121 from the Netherlands; followed by the USA with 65, Germany with 59, Belgium with 55 and the United Kingdom with 51.

It will be a 1000 Miglia of unprecedented length and which, as in the two-year period 47-48, will reach Piedmont: five days and over 2,000 km with stage finals in Cervia-Milano Marittima, Rome, Parma and Milan. On the occasion of the Centenary of the Air Force, a symbolic place will be inserted in each of the days of the competition: the Ghedi Air Base, the airports of Pisignano and Piacenza San Damiano, the Historical Museum of the Air Force in Vigna di Valle and the 1st Command Milan Air Region.

The Freccia Rossa will once again be accompanied this year by the 1000 Miglia Green, the Ferrari Tribute and the Supercars of the 1000 Miglia Experience but there will be some important innovations.

The list of admitted cars, which as a guarantee of excellence and authenticity must obtain registration in the 1000 Miglia Register as a guarantee of excellence and authenticity, is available on the official website