Motta: “With music I made my beliefs fall, now I feel free”

With The Music is Over shifts the observer’s lens from himself to others, opening up for the first time to unprecedented collaborations. To overcome one’s beliefs and experiment, Motta decided for the occasion to call friends and colleagues as Willie Peyote, Giovanni Truppi, Jeremiah Fraites And Geneva. The music is over it is a direct, brazen and powerful album, born from a strong creative and contamination phase, enriched by the participation of talented musicians. The tour starts on Friday 27th from Livorno.

Francesco, let’s start from the story of The Music is Over which you defined as a restart: how did it come about? Furthermore, it is a concept almost in opposition to the title and the fact that it is a record with a lot of music.
Contradiction is a textual game that I really like, it’s reaching the limits. To leave again I had to put a stop to a period of my artistic and non-artistic life. I felt caged in certainties that then gave in and were freed in this album. It differs from the other three, I have rarely been in the studio so much in my life; there are also two soundtracks that I made.

Is the fear of being able to love lost souls a child of our times or has it always been there?

Before, for better or for worse, there was more inertia in relationships, we thought about each other more even before breaking up. Here I talk about loving yourself to love another. Sometimes you do everything to love and then you don’t succeed.

To stop thinking about it it seems like an awareness of the strength of oneself: in the sense that in the end you are the fairy tale that is doing well and not the world. Can we define it as healthy selfishness?

It is in the way in which I send the music to hell, which is like sending myself to hell. It was the last piece and it was also liberating, it talks about a list of certainties that I let go and with an ironic veil. It can be seen as letting go and understanding that on the fourth album some things are part of a journey, there is an acceptance for better or for worse.

Do you often feel disconnected from the world? Like the Japanese soldier who doesn’t know the war is over?

For the first time there are feats on one of my albums and that is a Willie Peyote phrase. I defend what others have written despite their stronger ways of approaching the text than my metaphors. We have all felt out of place at least once. With Willie we have the healthy presumption of thinking that what we do is important, being in the studio together perhaps lightened the idea. We ask ourselves if we were the last to fight, would we do it anyway or would we give up on our own?

Who is Alice who pretends nothing happened in the song?

And my sister. I spoke with great difficulty about my family in the other albums, the more punk approach led me to indicate two names in the lyrics and one is that of my sister. Involving Giovanni Truppi here is the consequence of the fact that years ago I played with him as a session musician. He knows Alice and my parents, my mother thanked him via email. He is an actor who entered a difficult film with extreme delicacy.

In the first verse the music is almost over, then it’s over: what happened in the time of a song to make an almost evaporate? And if the world turns off the electricity, can your world remain connected to the current with a meaning and a philosophy?

What happened? Usually everything happens in a song, here there is the end of the ostentatious process of necessarily holding on to beliefs that then fall away. I had to remove my breath and the music to make them fall which for me is dying to be reborn but halfway through the song I dance on this fire. The vision came to me with the film Jokerwhen he goes down the stairs dancing: like many other spectators I believe, it happened to me that I don’t judge madness but freedom, in that moment he is himself albeit in madness and diversity.

Where is that damned desire for happiness today?

Giving a name and a meaning to happiness makes it diminish because chasing it is like chasing a desire and not happiness.

What isn’t there yet it is a song of intimacy and change but not of acceptance: do you think that today we tend to idealize a person more than to take him for what his nature is?

The songs serve to move first to acceptance and then to synthesis. I tried to find a solution to my questions in search of answers with songs. Maybe I didn’t solve the problems but I felt better because I saw the problem from different perspectives.

In the end we can say that you are ready for the “fucking marathon” what is life and music?

Absolutely. I’ve been doing concerts for many years and I see things happening around and inside me. However, the curiosity to overcome limits and seek new musical shores has never changed.

The tour starts from Livorno on Friday 27 October: what should we expect?

I will play many songs from the new album, there are new musicians and by changing the people the arrangements change. Although we have always been dedicated to regenerating songs through arrangements. Sometimes this process made us forget how the songs were born, so we also covered songs that we hadn’t done in a while and now they seem new.