Mountain, falls 150 meters from Ferrata delle Anguane: 22 year old dies

The girl had gone up alone

A 22-year-old girl died falling from the Ferrata delle Anguane, in the Vicenza area. At around 1.20pm the Suem headquarters in Vicenza received several reports from hikers who had witnessed a person fall from the Ferrata. A team from the Arsiero Alpine Rescue team went to the place indicated by the witnesses and found the victim’s body at the base of the wall, 50 meters below the path.

Originally from Valli del Pasubio (Vicenza), she had climbed alone and, having reached the upper part of the equipped itinerary, very popular at the time, she fell into the void, stopping 150 meters below. Having disembarked with the winch nearby, the helicopter rescue technician and medical team from the Verona emergency helicopter were unfortunately unable to do anything other than confirm the death of the young woman. Stretched out, the body was transported to the Valdastico sports field and entrusted to the hearse and the carabinieri. The rescuers also accompanied the girl’s father, who was waiting for her at the base of the equipped route, to the sports field.