Mourinho after Roma-Inter, “I don’t want to answer”: Diletta Leotta’s reply to the coach

The tough stance of coach José Mourinho and Diletta Leotta’s response: it happened after the Roma-Inter match.

The Roma-Inter match took place yesterday, which saw the team of José Mourinho 0 to 3. A defeat that apparently by no means went down to the Portuguese coach who reacted rather badly when it came to commenting.

Mourinho post Roma-Inter, “I don’t want to answer”: the reply from Diletta Leotta (Instagram)

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“I apologize to you and to those who listen to us from home but I don’t want to answer the study questions,” said the coach, very unnerved by the heavy result against Inter.

So he decided to answer only a couple of questions from the journalist from Dazn and then run away with best wishes for good luck. to Inter for the Champions League match on Tuesday.

How did Dazn Diletta Leotta’s face react to this choice?

Diletta Leotta replies to José Mourinho: “We’re sorry”

A decision by the coach that left the beautiful sports journalist upset who from the studio expressed her disappointment at Mourinho’s reaction in front of the cameras.

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“I must say that this position of Mourinho we are very sorry because I believe that a comparison would have been very positive not only for us but above all for the Roma fans,” said Leotta.

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Mourinho Diletta Leotta
Photo source: Instagram

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