Mourinho: “Dybala is fine and plays with Betis”

The Roma coach: “It’s a difficult match, but it will be difficult for them too”

Dybala is fine and playing“. These are the words of the Roma coach, Josè Mourinho on the eve of the Europa League match at the Olimpico against Betis Sevilla.” The difficulty is to play against a quality team with a clear identity and its own philosophy, with a coach from experience. It is a team that has won and it is not easy to win in Spain if you are not one of the top teams. It’s a tough game, but it will be tough for them too. Eleven against eleven plus 60 thousand and we hope they do theirs because next week the fans play a lot in their stadium. I trust my eleven, who will be on the pitch and I trust a lot who will be on the bench. ”

“Zalewski also behind the strikers? He can play anywhere, you know his formation. He has transformed into this player, good, even in the national team where the level is high, he plays in this position. He feels at ease, even the team, is very important for us. If he is on the bench or on the pitch nothing changes, it is very important for us “, added Mou who could be the most successful manager in Europe against Betis.

“It’s not an extra stimulus, I’m proud of the 106 victories and if 107 wins I will always be proud of my career. But that’s one thing to pass the time after my career, but right now the only thing that interests me. it’s always winning the next one. The next one is tomorrow, the match is difficult and at a high level. I want to win because we need points, we only have 3 and that’s not enough “, underlined the Portuguese coach.

Roma against Beris could also play with two strikers. “Good players can play together, it is never a problem. It is for the coaches to find a way to make them play together. To give another example, at the beginning for many of you, mainly those phenomena that speak on the radio and not. never come here, it seemed impossible to get Pellegrini, Zaniolo, Dybala and Abraham to play together. Unfortunately we did little for injuries, but when we did it it worked. The question is to find a way and time to do it, but to a team playing against a good Roma, because you need a good Roma, with Tammy and Belotti together it is not easy “, added Mourinho.

“Every match is an opportunity, I don’t want to say who will play tomorrow. At the moment Betis is a team with a wealth of solutions, with many players, we don’t know if they will make any changes compared to the league. As my colleague will not say who he will play, I do not comment on our team. It is a difficult match, 11 against 11 plus 60 thousand “, adds the Giallorossi coach.

“Zaniolo is a player that his opponents worry about, no doubt. He is not selfish and his way of playing sometimes makes him make individual decisions, such as taking the ball and attacking defenders. He is not selfish, he does not think about himself and does not spare energy to have it in the most decisive phase, that is in the finalization. He gives everything to the team, he works so much defensively for the team and someone who works as hard as he does is normal not to score 20 goals a season “. “I don’t get tired of repeating that he is a really important player for us. If he scores less or more, it’s not a dramatic situation for me. Maybe in Serie A the teams have a higher level than those we find in the Conference and Europe. League, except Leicester and Betis “.

“How is Pellegrini? Let’s see, sometimes you know more than me … We have to train and hear him too. He knows that the game is fundamental for us, I know him well and if he says ‘no’ it’s ‘no’. available, I trust. With him there is no waste of time, he is objective and trust is very high. More than waiting for the medical department, I wait for him: his word decides everything “, explains the Portuguese.

Roma scored 4 points between Inter and Juve. “We lost 4 points with Atalanta and Udinese that we took last year, while we took 4 points with Inter and Juve and last year zero. In a pragmatic way we have not gained or lost anything, but from an emotional point of view it is It’s important to arrive in these stadiums against top teams and get results. It’s a different feeling, we talked about it before the game. With Atalanta you lose but you come out with a feeling of superiority, we played with confidence. Before Inter I put on the table this question: to win or lose, but to come out of that stadium with a feeling of equality and not of inferiority. The players have had an excellent game, they are points that for us bring something more to this level. Mancini is a driver, one with a voice, able to speak at the right moment and I am very happy with what the boys have done “, concluded Mou.