Mourinho is a great coach but Roma have never played so badly

To say that what you see on the field is not football is a right. Of the fans and journalists

No one has ever enjoyed such unconditional trust more than him. First of all from the Roma fans, who always fill the stadium, regardless of who the opponent is, the competition, the day of the week or the time of the match. And no one can deny that Jose Mourinho he’s a great coach, history and numbers prove it. Just as it is difficult not to admit that he expresses absolute leadership, that he is capable of motivating and driving his team and his audience. Those who criticize him for personal reasons do so above all because he fears that he too could win in Rome. And he, like all leaders, is right to play everything even in the field of communication.

But then there is also the field. And there are some objective data that Mourinho doesn’t do well either. One above the others. Anyone who has always followed and supported Roma, for at least forty years with the growing awareness of children, young people and adults, has been used to seeing different variations of indecorous entertainment. Poor teams, dark moments, defeats and disappointments in series. But he has also almost always found somewhere the conviction that he can do something, that he can play football, despite everything. The teams of Gigi Radice at the Flaminio, those of Boskov and Mazzone come to mind. Scattered memories, forgettable formations, some immortal heroes.

Today, making the necessary proportions, and mentally retracing all this year’s matches, the Roma fan finds himself having to deal with a dimension that is difficult to interpret: he has never seen his team play so badly.

The problem isn’t even the results, which all in all are in line with the value of the squad. The problem is games without football, without an idea other than waiting for something which then, even when it arrives in some way, becomes just points snatched, found, accumulated. The 2 to 2 at Milan’s home, with a comeback in the run-up to corner kicks. The 1-0 draw in the Italian Cup with Genoa, an honest Serie B team, suffered as all matches have been suffered, going back, up to August, to the first league match.

It’s not even the claim of the good game, a chimera at the moment, it’s simply a gambling withdrawal crisis. Any one, with any module, scheme or tactical device, as long as there is one. And given that Mourinho is a great coach, sooner or later he will be there. In the meantime, despite the reactions of Mourinho and those who have made him sacred to the point of making him a totem rather than a coach, it is a right to say that what we are seeing is not football. Fans, commentators, journalists. And also of the fan journalists. (Of Fabio Insenga)