Mourinho sacked, greeting on X: “Goodbye Roma”

The former Giallorossi coach takes his leave by posting the photo on the day of the victory in the Conference League. Rosella Sensi: “Shocked, I don’t know what to say.” Ettore Viola: “Lightning from the blue, we could have arrived in June”

“Goodbye Roma”. With two words and the photo of the celebrations after winning the Conference League, with the cup in my hands, José Mourinho takes his leave, via X, from the Giallorossi club after his dismissal this morning.

Rosella Sensi: “Shocked by the exemption, I don’t know what to say”

“I really don’t know what to say, I’m stunned. I’m left with it, I still have to think about it.” Meanwhile, this is how Rosella Sensi, former president of the Capitoline club, comments on the Portuguese’s dismissal to Adnkronos.

Ettore Viola: “Lightning from the blue, we could have arrived in June”

“A bolt from the blue. The curve’s attack on Morinho was priceless and surprising, and I don’t think that now, with the possible arrival of De Rossi, we can think of winning the championship…”, Ettore tells Adnkronos Viola, son of the never forgotten Giallorossi president Dino. “Personally and as a fan, I had great esteem and consideration for him, also for his successes in the Conference League and the final against Sevilla last year, fought and lost badly. So, let’s say, he brought the successes.”

“Perhaps we could have reached the end of June – Viola continues -, because the bad period is over and now there are ‘easy’ matches. Something must have happened in the locker room, but it is not known. The possible replacement with Daniele De Rossi is certainly something that can unite both the Mourinhan supporters of which I am a part and those against Mourinho, because he was a very valiant Roma player who can have the approval of the stadium. But frankly I cannot understand this exoneration, as decision is a heavy one. The American owners see it as either red or black, they have no middle ground, the fact of not having had great communication between them and the coach has certainly worsened the gap. However, I continue to respect Mourinho, I consider him a a good person and his CV is impeccable.”