Mourning for Anna Tatangelo: her mother Palmira died

Mourning for Anna Tatangelo: the singer’s mother died, the news has just arrived.

Anna Tatangelo was struck by a tragic mourning: her mother passed away, who died in the morning at the age of 67. The singer had always talked about the state of health of her mother which was a source of great concern.

Anna Tatangelo, mourning (credits: youtube)

The artist, speaking of his relationship with her, had said that for some time he had been struggling with an evil. The news was picked up by local newspapers that also reported the date of the funeral celebration: they will be held on Friday at 3:30 pm at the Church of the Passionist Fathers.

Anna Tatangelo struck by a serious mourning: her mother Palmira died at the age of 67

The news of the death of Anna Tatangelo’s mother has now arrived. To report it are the local newspapers that have made it known when the funeral will be celebrated. Friday at 3:30 pm at the Church of the Passionist Fathers there will be the last farewell to the singer’s mother.

Several times Anna had spoken of the relationship they had and had not hidden the woman’s health conditions. It would appear, according to reports, that she has long been struggling with an ugly evil. Often, even on social media, she had posted photos and shots together. She had always put her determination in the foreground and her not giving up in the face of her difficulties. Some time ago, on Mother’s Day, she posted a picture of her with a sweet greeting. He wrote about her: “You are the strongest person I know, I consider myself a lucky woman to have you with me. You don’t know how fundamental you can be in my life “. He goes on to say that he taught her to be strong, always in silence, without the support of anyone and always with a deep sensitivity: “I love you more than my life”.

anna tatangelo mourning
Mourning Anna Tatangelo (credits: youtube)

At the moment the artist has not released any comments and no messages. Anna Tatangelo’s mother was 67 years old, she died after fighting a bad disease. The news was reported in these hours by the local media who also reported the date of her funeral, which will be held on Friday at 3:30 pm.