Mourning to “Amici”, the news arrives in the house: pain and despair for the terrible announcement

Mourning to “Amici”, the news also arrives in the cottage: pain and despair for the students, the terrible announcement upsets everyone

The talent show hit by a serious bereavement. The news was announced a little while ago and brought great sadness. These days should be happy, but fate doesn’t always play on our side. Below we explain what happened.

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Mourning to “Amici”, terrible news in the house: what happened (Source: screen video instagram)

Mourning to “Amici”, terrible announcement

The talent show “Friends”By Maria De Filippi is on hiatus. The pupils they will not be able to return to their families due to anti-Covid regulations and will spend the Christmas holidays in the house. On the way back, dancers And singers will compete for the highly coveted evening. Places will probably not be unlimited and consequently someone will have to drop out of school. It will certainly be a painful farewell, as a good group has formed in the house.

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In the last few hours, the talent show has been hit by a terrible bereavement. The news will surely have arrived in the house as well. We do not know what the pupils’ reaction was, but we are sure they will be very saddened by the grave loss.

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The mourning particularly affected the dancer Christian. The student of the twenty-first edition of “Amici” has lost his little dog Joy. The terrible news was announced by Christian’s mom, who wrote: “Dear my love, you broke my heart today. I suffer a lot, an indescribable pain my angel, good rainbow. Joy my love I love you and I will always love you, my little one. I will not resign easily, life is so unfair. Joy my heart suffers a lot, one day we will meet again in heaven. Your mom”.

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The news will surely also have been communicated to the dancer, who will be saddened by the loss of his dog. Pets become like family members and we are sure that for Christian it is as if he has lost a brother. The dancer in the past has posted some shots with his dog on his social accounts.