Mps-David Rossi, General Aglieco arrested in Tunisia: he risks 10 days in jail

The former provincial commander of the Siena carabinieri is currently in prison in Tunis for what diplomatic sources define as a quid pro quo

Pasquale Aglieco, the former provincial commander of the Carabinieri of Siena, was arrested in Tunisia and is currently in prison in Tunis, for what diplomatic sources define as a quid pro quo and which concerns not an accusation of false documents regarding a car registration, as written at first, but a discrepancy between the documents related to the civil status.

In particular, Aglieco, who was commander in Siena when MPS manager David Rossi was found dead, last year, after being discharged with the rank of general, moved to Hammamet with his partner. In presenting the request for the green paper required for residency, Aglieco had declared that he was legally divorced and that he was living more uxorio with his new partner. However, yesterday, when leaving the country, the Tunisian police during checks noticed that in the identity documents “divorced” marital status was not reported and, given the discrepancy, and existing the crime of concubinage in the country, Aglieco was arrested.

At the moment the general is in prison in Tunis. And he may have to stay there for over a week even though the misunderstanding would seem to be clear even to the local judiciary: the hearings for these minor crimes are in fact held only on Tuesdays and the next one could be too close to possibly allow the public prosecution to oppose the request of the Tunisian lawyer assisting Aglieco.