MUBI and Chora Media, the podcast “Contemporary Italian Voices” arrives


A journey to rediscover Italian cinema and its protagonists: this is what MUBI Podcast aims to do which, thanks to a series of interviews conducted by Gianmaria Tammaro, as host and author, wants to give voice to those who today represent the future not only of seventh art but of the entire cultural industry. Inspired by the film collection of the same name available on MUBI, “Contemporary Italian Voices” is the first podcast produced by MUBI in Italy in collaboration with Chora Media.

The season will have a total of 6 episodes, released every Thursday starting September 28th on Spotify, Apple, and all platforms available for listening to podcasts. The episodes can also be listened to on Notebook and Chora Media.

Director Francesca Mazzoleni guest of the first episode

The guest of the first episode “Is Italy a country for young people?” is Francesca Mazzoleni, born in ’89, one of the most appreciated directors of her generation. Her first film, SUCCEDE, based on the novel of the same name by Sofia Viscardi, was one of the first attempts of contemporary Italian cinema to portray young people in their truth. With PUNTA SACRA, a film acclaimed by the public and critics, currently available on MUBI, you have taken a further step forward by appropriating the documentary language. In this episode, thanks to her, we will address the generational crisis of Italian cinema and what seems to be its future.

Among the protagonists of the next episodes we will also find Margherita Vicario, Colapesce and Dimartino, Filippo Scotti and Alice Rohrwacher.