Mulino Bianco-Banco Alimentare, 16 tons of food to families in need

The International Day of Happiness chosen as a symbolic date to give the joy of food to those who need it most

Mulino Bianco together with Banco Alimentare, of which the Barilla Group is the leading contributor in Italy, have chosen the International Day of Happiness as a symbolic date to give the joy of food to those who need it most. The corporate volunteering initiative involved about 160 Barilla people, in Italy, in the preparation of food parcels for the most needy familiesfor a total of about 16 tons of donated products.

The volunteers work at the Banco Alimentare offices and the parcels will then be distributed to various solidarity centres. There are 10 Italian regions involved in this special day. Today, 20 March, the Mulino Bianco volunteers work in the Banco Alimentare offices in Campania, Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria and Veneto. While in Emilia-Romagna, in Parma, the activities will last 7 days, from 15 to 30 March.

“As a food company, the responsibility of bringing the joy of food to people is in our DNA. We have come from difficult years which, for some families, have been even more complicated. With this operation, together with Banco Alimentare, one of our historical partners, we have made our contribution to guaranteeing access to food for as many people as possible, giving them, through our products, a small moment of daily happiness – he declared Ruggero Rabaglia, Human Resources Director of the Italy Region of Barilla – The response from our volunteers has also been significant: we have received more registrations than the places available, demonstrating that the values ​​and principles of our company are also part of the people who work with us”.

“Happiness is the keyword of this initiative, a positive feeling that reaches all the people involved: those who donate, the volunteers and the beneficiaries of the local charitable structures who will receive the food aid raised also thanks to Barilla. During 2022 we recorded an increase in requests for help and our commitment increased proportionally, thanks also to the sensitivity of companies and partners who support our work every day – he says Giovanni Bruno, president of the Banco Alimentare Foundation – I take this opportunity to thank in particular the Barilla Group, its people and all the volunteers who, with their generosity, contribute to the success of sharing events like this one”.