Mulino Bianco renews the logo and celebrates biodiversity

A bee is added, a symbol of the brand’s commitment to sustainability

Mulino Biancothe brand of the Barilla group, renews the logo and celebrates biodiversity. And so, in addition to the symbol of the mill, a place of know-how and tradition, the uncontaminated valley, the garland full of flowers and ears of wheat, the festoon with the words ‘Mulino Bianco’ a bee is added, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Among the novelties presented, there is also the announcement of the winning farm of the photo contest ‘I Fiori Del Mulino’, now in its second edition.

It is the Fiandrini farm to win the first prize of the photographic contest, with which Mulino Bianco celebrates the farm that has best distinguished itself in cultivating the most beautiful flowery field, following the indications of ‘La Carta del Mulino’. Launched 3 years ago in collaboration with WWF Italy, the University of Bologna, the University of Tuscia and OpenFields, the La Carta del Mulino project contains the 10 rules that adhering farmers are required to abide by in a disciplinary of sustainable agriculture dedicated to soft wheat. The initiative was born with the aim of enhancing the commitment described in one of the 10 rules of the Mill Charter.

Among the ten points, there is in fact the commitment to allocate every year 3% of the fields used for the cultivation of soft wheat to pollination flowers, a total area equal to about 2,500 football fields, protecting biodiversity, also thanks to the protection of bees and other pollinating insects. The growers, therefore, were invited to take to the ‘field’ to take a picture of their own flowered expanse, trying to capture every nuance of its beauty and to share it only with Mulino Bianco on the platform dedicated to the specification.

And finally, the brand wanted to celebrate ‘I Fiori del Mulino’, transforming it into Mulino Bianco’s first photographic exhibition dedicated to the theme of sustainability through an immersive virtual experience for the public. The Exhibeetion, ‘The Flowers of the Mill’will be held on 29 and 30 September (from 15 to 19) and on 1 October (from 11 to 19), at the Meet Digital Culture Center in Milan.

The exhibition combines Mulino Bianco’s point of view on sustainability through the photos of the farmers who participated in the photo contest, the author’s vision of Simone Bramante (aka Brahmino) on flowers and bees and the unprecedented point of view of api themselves in an immersive experience curated by the multimedia design studio Karmachina. In fact, the visitors are guided directly by the Ape del Mulino, which lends its eyes to the public and accompanies it with its voice on a journey through the flowers grown in the fields, to discover Mulino Bianco’s commitment to promoting biodiversity, as sanctioned by the Mill Charter for the products to which it applies.

Few people know that every bee has 5 eyes and has a spectrogram capable of displaying 4 colors with its shades: yellow (orange, green, yellowish), bluish green, blue and ultraviolet. This means that they see their surroundings in completely different colors from us. The exhibition-event ‘Exhibeetion’ was born from this idea: inside a room people experience total immersion that involves body and senses, highly creative thanks to the walls that delimit the entire place and spectacularly project the images of the fields. Looking at nature and agriculture from another point of view is the first step in defending them. And to defend ourselves too. A world with more nature is a happier world