Mummies – A walk in time, the trailer for the new animated film arriving at the cinema

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News also for the little ones: a few hours ago Warner Bros released the new official trailer for Mummies A Walk Through Time, a new animated film set, as it is easy to understand even from the title, as if it were an intertemporal journey from the age of Egyptians to the contemporary world. The cinematic debut for the film is scheduled for February 23rd. It is one of the few animated films that will be released in the coming weeks, which can be defined as feature films and also for this reason the attention on this product appears to be particularly high, with great anticipation on the part of families and lovers of the genre.

Trailer and plot of The Mummies A Walker in Time

As seen in the trailer, the plot follows the adventures of three fictional characters, who for millennia have lived as mummies in a secret underground city that has never been discovered. The protagonists are a princess, a former coachman, the boy’s younger brother and a baby crocodile, pet of the strange formation of mummies. For a series of fortuitous, and often unfortunate, cases, the three find themselves on a journey through time and space that catapults them into modern-day London: their goal is to find a missing ring, which had belonged to the royal family . Obviously disoriented and struggling to face the challenges of today’s world, the group often finds themselves entangled in adventures beyond imagination, with a series of inconveniences that they are forced to face if they are to complete their mission.

Cast and production of The Mummies in a Time Crash

The Mummies in Time is directed by Juan Jesús García Galocha, “Galo”, in his first experience directing a feature film for cinema. In fact, Galo was born as an art director and as such he signed the films of the Taddeo the Explorer saga, in particular he worked on The Adventures of Taddeo the Explorer and Taddeo the Explorer and the Secret of King Midas. Alongside Juan Jesús García Galocha are Jordi Gasull and Javier Barreira as screenwriters, former winners of a Goya award for best screenplay. The three worked together in the saga of Taddeo the Explorer and decided to start this new adventure as a group.