Municipal 2023, Pd focuses on ballots: challenge Schlein is to unite the center-left

The first round of the administrations delivers a “confident” picture to the dem: Brescia confirmed, positive expectations also for Ancona and conquer Siena and Vicenza

Latina with its tormented past between appeals and votes to be redone, went to the center-right. But the first round of the 2023 administrations gives the dem a “confident” picture in view of the ballots. Meanwhile in the two cities targeted by Giorgia Meloni, Brescia and Ancona, things went badly for the dem: Brescia immediately confirmed with the election of the city’s first female mayor, Laura Castelletti. Congratulations on the phone from Elly Schlein who called the new mayor. And then Ancona. It will be a match in the trenches with the centre-right in the lead for the first time in the history of the city but with a match completely open to balloting.

The head of local authorities of the Democratic Party, Davide Baruffi, says: “I trust that in Ancona with Ida Simonella we can go towards a positive result. The difference is five points. There it was not possible to reach an agreement with the Five Stars, I trust it can happen in the second round”. The challenge to transform the administrative round into a victory for the dem passes through here. “In some cases it has been possible to build larger alliances, in other cases it has not been possible. This will be the element that makes the difference.”

The center-right was united almost everywhere. The Pd, on the contrary, almost never with a broad coalition. Among the very few cases that of Teramo and here the wide field won in the first round. So if the center-right has in many cases already reached the widest possible electoral base, there are possibilities for the Democratic Party to grow if it manages to broaden the field with agreements with the other centre-left forces. This is the reasoning that makes the dem say they are “confident” about the second round.

“Many municipalities will go to the ballot. We started from a situation in which the centre-right led 2/3 of the municipalities to vote and now we are head to head. Few confirmations for the center-right and many direct clashes that will be resolved in two weeks”, argues Baruffi.

Continues the head of local authorities dem: “There will be at least 7 cities in the ballot and this will change the sign. We started from a disadvantage compared to the right, now we are moving towards an equal contest and I am confident that we can achieve a positive result not only on reappointments like in Ancona, but also on the conquest of cities like in Tuscany and Vicenza”. Here the young Giacomo Possamai is in the lead “in a city in the deep North East” over the candidate of the centre-right and outgoing mayor.

Even in Siena, the candidate of the Democratic Party, Anna Ferretti, is ahead and the possibility of reconquering a red stronghold, which passed to the right in the administrative past, is concrete. Baruffi also points out that “in medium-sized and small municipalities the victory trend of the centre-left is clearer” than in the capitals. “There is an advance that I consider positive. The honeymoons of the right stop even when the wave of territories begins to mount. The positive signal is there”.