Municipal 2023 Sicily, 4 provincial capitals to vote: news on the results

Elections in Syracuse, Ragusa, Catania and Trapani

It is the only one of the four Sicilian provincial capitals called to vote that will go to the ballot. TO Syracuse, in the 2023 municipal elections, a duel is looming between the center-right candidate Ferdinando Messina and the outgoing mayor Francesco Italia, supported by four civic lists. When 82 out of 123 sections were scrutinized, in fact, Messina has a clear advantage with 11,244 votes (32.55%). Italy currently stops at 23.41% of the votes (8,086). Only third is Renata Giunta, the woman on whom the Pd and M5S were aiming: for her 6,678 preferences (19.33%).

Crushing victory instead of Peppe Cassi a Ragusa. The outgoing mayor gives an encore and when the ballot is completed he collects 62.9% of the preferences (21,673 votes). The Democratic Party candidate, Riccardo Schininà, does not go beyond 19.4% with 6,705 votes, while the man on whom FdI and FI had bet, Giovanni Cultrera, stops at 9.7% (3,345 preferences). Last Sergio Firrincielli (M5S) with 7.9% (2,721 votes).

“It is not a time for celebration, but for responsibility. Being mayor is not a title, frieze or insignia. It must be a commitment to a community. Because you start believing in yourself again and nurturing the hope of a change”. This was stated on Facebook by Enrico Trantino, a center-right candidate who is preparing to have the official victory in the election as mayor of Catania. When just over half of the sections were scrutinized, 179 out of 336, the exponent of the Brothers of Italy obtained 44,579 preferences, equal to 67.16%, followed by the candidate for mayor of the centre-left and M5S, Maurizio Caserta, who obtained 15,129 votes, equal to 22.79%.

Giacomo Tranchida, supported by civic lists, was re-elected mayor of Trapani. “I will be the mayor of the whole city, which must now get back on track. We have a sea of ​​funding with deadlines, we cannot lose a day,” said Tranchida. The first commitments? “On 30 June we have the first deadline of the Pnrr, then we have to speed up the port and carry forward a reasoning with the regional government so that we can move towards a Palermo-Trapani airport hub: this is the future, we have to get out of the isolation of western Sicily “.