Municipal elections 2022, where to vote: dates, cities and possible candidates for mayor

After the big round in October 2021, the electoral match is reopening in 23 provincial capitals, including Palermo, Genoa, Padua, Verona, L’Aquila, Catanzaro and Parma. Not yet decided all the names of those who will compete in the municipalities concerned. The hypothesis is that we will vote in June

After the great electoral round of October 2021 (THE SPECIAL), in 2022 there will be a return to vote to elect the new mayors of many Italian municipalities. The provincial capitals called to the polls are 23, four are also regional capitals: Palermo, Genoa, Catanzaro and L’Aquila. The date of the vote has not yet been established, although everything seems to point to June, a few months after the new head of state takes office, with the mandate of Sergio Mattarella expiring on February 5, 2022. The scheme will probably remain the same as last autumn’s Administrative, with a double day of voting. Also on the candidate front, the game is not yet over, with the parties – especially the opponents of the current administrations – who are still defining the right figures for the race to the Municipality.

The provincial capitals to vote

The provincial capitals called to vote for the renewal of the municipal councils in 2022 are:

  • Alexandria
  • Asti
  • Belluno
  • Catanzaro
  • Como
  • Wedge
  • Frosinone
  • Genoa
  • Gorizia
  • L’Aquila
  • Spice
  • Praise
  • Lucca
  • Monza
  • Oristano
  • Padua
  • Palermo
  • Parma
  • Piacenza
  • Pistoia
  • Rieti
  • Taranto
  • Verona

The municipal 2022 in Palermo

The current mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando (Democratic Party), no longer eligible after having already served for a double term, will have to leave Palazzo delle Aquile in 2022. The already long list of names that could happen to him, as he points out Republic, however, is still incomplete. For the center-right area, Lega leader Matteo Salvini said that the parties will not choose the candidate, “because the names of Palermo will choose them”. Among the hypotheses in the Lega house there are Francesco Greco, president of the Bar Association, and Francesco Scoma, a former exponent of Forza Italia now in the ranks of the Carroccio. Fratelli d’Italia focuses on Carolina Varchi, while Forza Italia has identified the former president of Ars Francesco Cascio. Also on the field Roberto Lagalla, now councilor for training, and Alessandro Aricò, on whom he hopes he will become beautiful. For the center-left, the names are those of Davide Faraone, former undersecretary of the Renzi government chosen by Italia Viva; Giampiero Trizzino, supported by the president of the Anti-Mafia Commission Claudio Fava; self-nominated activist Mariangela Di Gangi and MEP Francesca Donato.

Municipal 2022 in Genoa

In Genoa, the mayor of the Center-right Marco Bucci, elected in 2017 with the League, will try to be renewed for a second term. It is not yet clear who will challenge him. Probable an alliance between Democrats and Five Stars. The secretary of the Genoa Democratic Party Simone D’Angelo said that “a shared solution will be sought with the other forces of the progressive, democratic and ecological area. If there will be more availability able to embody this project by the end of January we could have primaries to choose ”.

The municipal 2022 in Catanzaro

Even in Catanzaro it is not yet clear who will take the field to replace Sergio Abramo, a man from the Center-right who is no longer a candidate because he has already been elected twice. The rumors identify a possible successor for the same area in Aldo Ferrara, president of Unindustria Calabria. Instead, more names circulate among the center-left parties, starting with three academic figures: Nicola Fiorita, Valerio Donato and Donatella Monteverdi.

The municipal 2022 in L’Aquila

No upheavals seem expected in the Municipality of L’Aquila as a result of the next municipal councils. The current mayor Pierluigi Biondi, representative of the Center-right in the Brothers of Italy quota, in fact has a good chance of being reconfirmed in the first round, at least according to the results of the survey carried out by Tecnè for the press agency To say last November 23. No certainty about who will challenge him. For the moment the names circulating are those of Americo Di Benedetto, former candidate for mayor for the center-left coalition in 2017, Stefano Palumbo (Pd) and Stefania Pezzopane (Pd).

The municipal 2022 in Parma

In Parma, the experience of Federico Pizzarotti ends, the first pentastellated mayor in Italy, elected in 2012 and then reconfirmed with a civic list after being expelled from the MoVimento in 2016 for not informing the top management that he was being investigated for abuse of office. The main challengers in this round will be the Democratic Party, allied with the Pizzarotti faithful of Effetto Parma, and the Center-right. It is not yet clear who will be called to represent them. Pizzarotti’s list may have identified the current deputy mayor, Marco Bosi, while the name of Pietro Vignali, former mayor of the city between 2007 and 2011, circulates among the opponents.

The municipal 2022 in Padua

In Padua, the re-nomination of the mayor Sergio Giordani seems obvious for the Center-left. According to what emerges from a survey published at the end of last October, conducted by YouTrend and commissioned by the broadcaster Telenuovo, Giordani brings home the trust of 80.4% of Paduan voters. In the climb to Palazzo Morone for the Center-right, the choice of a strong candidate will therefore be fundamental. Among the names that circulate the most are the lawyer Stefano Barrilari and, above all, the former president of Assindustria Francesco Peghin.

The municipal 2022 in Verona

Another important match in Veneto will be played in Verona. Here, the outgoing mayor Federico Sboarina (elected in Lega share, now passed to Brothers of Italy) seems to have found the support of the center-right coalition for a second term. Another name on which the parties will compare is that of the former mayor Flavio Tosi (enrolled in Fare!), While still for the Center-right, but with the civic list Prima Verona, there would also be Michele Croce. The center-left instead focuses on the former footballer Damiano Tommasi.