Municipal elections 2023, the results of the administrative elections in Ancona: we go to the ballot

While the counting of votes is still in progress, it is certain that the second round will be needed to determine who will be the next mayor of the Marche city. The two candidates who will compete for victory in two weeks are Daniele Silvetti of the centre-right, who is ahead, and Ida Simonella of the centre-left. Final turnout at 54.95%

In Ancona there will be a ballot in two weeks to decide who will take the place of the mayor dem Valeria Mancinelli. When the counting of the municipal elections is still in progress, none of the six candidates has achieved an absolute majority (50%+1). The challengers on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 May will be Daniele Silvetti of the centre-right and Ida Simonella of the centre-left: when 87 out of 99 sections were scrutinized, Silvetti is in the lead with 45.14% and Simonella is at 41.44%. Followed by Francesco Rubini (Altra Idea di Città and Ancona, open city) with 6.00%, Enrico Sparapani of the M5S with 3.63%, Marco Battino (Let’s start again from young people) with 2.14%, Roberto Rubegni (Green Europe) with l ‘1.66%. Ancona is one of over 500 Italian municipalities that have been called to elect a new mayor and to renew its municipal council: the vote was held on Sunday 14 May from 7 to 23 and today, Monday 15, from 7 to 15 (LIVE UPDATESTHE SPECIALTHE RESULTS).

The turnout in Ancona

In Ancona, the final turnout was 54.95%, while in the previous elections it was 54.6. The national turnout of these Municipalities stopped at 59.03%, down by 2 points compared to the 61.22% of the past administrative ones.

The candidates for mayor in Ancona

The centre-left presented itself in this electoral round with Ida Simonella as a candidate. Six lists support it: Pd, Ancona Futura, Ancona-Diamoci del Noi, Riformisti Azione-Iv-Calenda-Simonella Mayor, Ancona Popolare-Centrists for Ancona and Republicans. You are the current councilor for the Strategic Plan and the Port of the administration led by Mancinelli. The Five Stars have focused on Enrico Sparapani, civil engineer. The center-right instead chose Daniele Silvetti (Brothers of Italy, UDC, Forza Italia, Lega Salvini Ancona, Silvetti mayor for Ancona Protagonist, Rinasci Ancona – Civic and Solidarity – Silvetti mayor and Civitas Civici Salvi). Marco Battino was also among the aspiring mayor of Ancona, supported by the list Let’s start from the young, made up of everyone under 30. he is 22 years old and was the youngest candidate in the city. Another aspiring mayor of the Marche capital was Roberto Rubegni, former president of AnconaAmbiente, supported by Europa Verde. Francesco Rubini, on the other hand, presented himself supported by Altra Idea di Città and Ancona, open city. A 32-year-old lawyer, it’s the second time he’s run for mayor. In 2013, at the age of 22, he was among the youngest city councilors in the city.