Municipal elections 2023, the results of the administrative offices in Vicenza: we go to the ballot

While the counting of votes is still in progress, it is certain that the second round will be needed to establish who will be the next mayor of the Venetian city. The names that will compete for victory in two weeks are the outgoing mayor Francesco Rucco, supported by the center-right, and Giacomo Possamai of the Democratic Party. Head to head between the two, with the centre-left candidate slightly ahead. Final turnout at 54.19%

We go to the ballot in Vicenza: the second round of the Municipal elections will be needed to understand who will be the new mayor of the Venetian city. Competing for victory on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 May will be Francesco Rucco and Giacomo Possamai. With the count still underway, it is head-to-head between the centre-right and centre-left candidates: with 99 out of 111 sections scrutinized, Possamai of the Democratic Party is ahead with 46.02% and the outgoing centre-right mayor Francesco Rucco is at 44.06 %. Followed by Claudio Cicero (civic list) at 2.61%, Lucio Zoppello (civic list) at 2.58%, Stefano Crescioli (civic list) at 2.18%, Edoardo Bortolotto (M5S) at 1.72%, Annarita Simone (civic list) to 0.83%. Vicenza is one of over 500 Italian municipalities that have been called to elect a new mayor and to renew its municipal council: the vote was held on Sunday 14 May from 7 to 23 and today, Monday 15, from 7 to 15 (LIVE UPDATESTHE SPECIALTHE RESULTS).

The turnout in Vicenza

In Vicenza, the final turnout was 54.19%, while in the previous elections it was 55.8. The national turnout of these Municipalities stopped at 59.03%, down by 2 points compared to the 61.22% of the past administrative ones.

The 7 candidates in Vicenza

For this electoral round, 7 candidates had presented themselves in Vicenza. The outgoing mayor Francesco Rucco is supported by the centre-right. In 2018 he won in the first round, surpassing 50% by a few hundred votes. Then there is Giacomo Possamai, Dem group leader in the Region, supported by the Democratic Party, at 4 civics. Also in the running were two former centre-right councilors, Claudio Cicero (civic list “Impegno a 360°”) and Lucio Zoppello (civic list “Rigenerariamo Vicenza Insieme”). The only woman in the running was Annarita Simone, with the civic “La Comune”, which brings together the acronyms of Unione Popolare, Pci and the Southern Party. The seventh candidate, with the civic “Let’s count!”, was a doctor, Stefano Crescioli, unprecedented in politics.