Municipal elections 2023, the results of the administrative ones in Scafati

Two more weeks of waiting to meet the new mayor of Scafati. Pasquale Aliberti arrives in the ballot, with 40.98% in the first round, and Corrado Scarlato (27.3%)

Outcome postponed after the first round of the administrative elections in Scafati, a municipality in the province of Salerno, with the verdict postponed to 28 and 29 May, when the ballot will be voted to elect the mayor. Position disputed by Pasquale Aliberti, who reached the threshold of 40% of the preferences, and Corrado Scarlato, stuck at 27.3%. Outgoing mayor Cristoforo Salvati, who won 8.1% of the votes, was out of the running. (ANALYSIS OF THE VOTE – IN WHICH MUNICIPALITIES WILL WE GO TO THE BALLOT).

The turnout

In the municipality of Scafati, the turnout recorded was 70.3%, higher than the national average. Fundamental for the election of the new mayor to understand if the data will remain unchanged also in the second round, or if the voters left without a candidate will desert the polls.

Candidates for Scafati

In addition to the two contenders for the role of new mayor, namely Pasquale Aliberti, supported by Forza Italia, Noi Moderati, Azzurri, Avanti Scafati, Alleanza Popolare Scafati, Grande Scafati, Lega Salvini Premier, and Corrado Scarlato candidate with Scarlato Mayor, Scafati Libera Rinasce , Polo Civico per la Rinascita di Scafati, Liberaldemocratici Scafati, Scafati Viva, Scafati nel Cuore, three other candidates were present in the first round. These are the outgoing mayor Cristoforo Salvati of Fratelli d’Italia, last with 8.1% of the preferences, in addition to the candidate on the civic list Francesco Carotenuto (8.3%), and the exponent of the centre-left Michele Grimaldi who it stopped at 15.3%.