Municipal elections, ballot between Tarasconi and Barbieri in Piacenza: what you need to know

In the first round in the Emilian city, no candidate reached the required majority of 50% plus one. Citizens then return to the polls on June 26 and must choose between the regional councilor of the Democratic Party (supported by a center-left coalition) and the outgoing mayor, supported by the center-right

Piacenza is one of the thirteen provincial capitals that failed to elect the new mayor in the first round of the municipal elections that were held last June 12 (THE RESULTS – WHO WERE THE CANDIDATES). In the Emilian city, none of the candidates has reached the majority of 50% + 1 required and will therefore go to the ballot between the two most voted names. The Piacentines are therefore returning to the polls on Sunday 26 June and will have to choose between Katia Tarasconi and the outgoing mayor Patrizia Barbieri (THE SPECIAL ON THE MUNICIPALITIES OF SKY TG24 – ANALYSIS OF THE RESULTS).

How did the first round go

In the first round there were six candidates for the leadership of Palazzo Mercanti. The outgoing mayor Patrizia Barbieri, as in 2017, presented herself as the leading name of the center-right, supported by Lega, Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia and by its list Patrizia Barbieri mayor: she obtained 37.72% of the votes. She goes to the ballot with the regional councilor Katia Tarasconi, supported by a center-left coalition that sees together Pd, Action, Piacenza beyond, courageous Piacenza, Piacenza pensioners and Katia Tarasconi-Civic list for Piacenza: in the first round she came first with 39.93 % of votes. Stefano Cugini stopped at 10.70%, supported by the Five Star Movement, Alternative for Piacenza, Green Europe and the Left. Another name in the running was that of the lawyer and executive president of the Banca di Piacenza Corrado Sforza Fogliani (Liberals of Piacenza): he obtained 8.30%. For Piacenza reborn – a list born in the wake of the No Green pass and No Vax protests – the retired doctor Maurizio Botti had presented himself (he obtained 1.92% of the votes), while for the 3V Movement (Vaccini we want the truth) Samantha Favari showed up (stopping at 1.43%).

What happens now

In the first round in Piacenza the divisions were decisive: the center-left hopes that Katia Tarasconi can also count on the votes that went to Stefano Cugini in the first round, also supported by the 5 Star Movement, which took more than 10%. In view of the second round no appearances have been formalized, but it is these voters that Tarasconi is addressing: if she manages to get them all on her side, she may have a chance of victory. The center-right in Piacenza appeared united. To weigh, however, was also the opposition to the mayor of Piacenza liberals headed by Corrado Sforza Fogliani, strong of 8%, while Barbieri stopped at around 38%. In view of the ballot, the behavior of this political area which is located in the center-right will be decisive, but it is strongly critical of the Barbieri administration. Given the small gap between the two main candidates, the ballot promises to be particularly balanced.

How to vote in the ballot

The ballot form includes the name and surname of the candidates for the office of statutory auditor, written within the appropriate rectangle, under which the symbols of the linked lists are reproduced. The vote is expressed by drawing a sign on the rectangle within which the name of the chosen candidate is written. As per current legislation, “after the second round, the candidate who obtained the highest number of valid votes is proclaimed elected statutory auditor. In the event of a tie, the candidate connected, pursuant to paragraph 7, with the list or the group of lists for the election of the municipal council that achieved the highest overall electoral number. With the same number of electoral numbers, the oldest candidate in age is proclaimed elected mayor “.