Municipal elections, ballot in Vicenza: candidates and how to vote

Voting is back in the Venetian city for the second round of the administrative elections on Sunday 28 May from 7 to 23 and Monday 29 May from 7 to 15. The centre-left candidate Giacomo Possamai and the centre-right candidate Francesco Rucco are in the running: Possamai in the first round had stopped at 46.23% and Rucco, outgoing mayor, at 44.06%

Vicenza returns to the polls for the second round of municipal elections. After the first round of 14 and 15 May, the citizens of the Venetian city are called back to the polls on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 May to choose the new mayor in the ballot. In fact, none of the candidates managed to obtain 50% plus one of the votes in the first round. Competing are the centre-left candidate Giacomo Possamai and the centre-right candidate Francesco Rucco. Voting takes place on Sunday from 7 to 23 and Monday from 7 to 15 (THE ELECTION SPECIAL – THE RESULTS OF THE FIRST ROUND).

Who are the candidates

The candidates are Giacomo Possamai and Francesco Rucco. Possamai, leader of the Democratic Party in the Veneto regional council, is supported by six lists: Democratic Party, Green Europe-Yes Italian Left-Civic Coalition, Possamai Mayor, Action – Italia Viva, From Now On-Vinova, Tosetto List Let’s start again from Vicenza. Rucco, the outgoing mayor, is supported by four lists: Lega Salvini, Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni, Rucco mayor. For the ballot, no official affiliation for Possamai, while Rucco has signed an alliance with Claudio Cicero (supported by the Cicero Impegno A 360° list).

The results of the first round

In the first round in Vincenza there were seven candidates in the running. Giacomo Possamai stopped at 46.23%, while Francesco Rucco at 44.06%. Claudio Cicero, who sealed the affiliation with Rucco, had reached 2.57%. The final turnout was 54.19%.

The election of the mayor

After the ballot, the candidate with the highest number of valid votes is elected mayor. In the event of a tie, the candidate linked to the list or group of lists for the election of the municipal council that has achieved the highest overall electoral figure wins. In the event of further equality, the more senior of the two challengers is proclaimed mayor.

How to vote

The ballot form shows the names and surnames of the candidates, written in the appropriate rectangle under which the symbols of the linked lists are reproduced. The voter must express his vote by tracing a sign on the rectangle in which the name of the chosen candidate is indicated. To vote, you must go to the polling station with your electoral card and a valid identity document. Your seat is indicated on the electoral card where you can find the number and seat of the section to which you are assigned, the constituency and the district to which you belong.