Municipal elections in Siena 2023, who are the candidates for mayor and how to vote

Among the 700 Municipalities called to vote on Sunday 14 and Monday 15 May to elect the new mayor there is also the Tuscan city. Voting takes place on Sunday from 7 to 23, Monday from 7 to 15. In the event that none of the candidates manages to obtain a majority of votes in the first round, the ballot will be held on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 May. Eight challengers

Siena is also called to vote on Sunday 14 and Monday 15 May 2023 to elect its new mayor and to renew its city council. The polling stations, as in the rest of the over 700 Municipalities that will go to the polls, are open on Sunday from 7 to 23 and on Monday from 7 to 15. The counting of votes will begin immediately after closing: an absolute majority is required to pass to the first round ( 50%+1). If none of the eight candidates manages to bring it home, there will be a ballot, scheduled for Sunday 28 and Monday 29 May (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE ELECTIONS).

Mayor candidates in Siena

There are eight candidates trying to take the place of the current mayor Luigi De Mossi. The compact center-right is betting everything on Nicoletta Fabio, supported by the Brothers of Italy, Lega and Forza Italia, together with the Siena lists in all senses and the Sienese civic movement. The situation in the centre-left is very fragmented. Representing the Democratic Party is Anna Ferretti, also supported by Iep! – Sinistra Italiana and With Anna Ferretti Mayor, while the Five Stars look to Elena Boldrini. The local list of Action – Siena in Action – candidates Roberto Bozzi. Massimo Castagnini is supported by Italia Viva (the lists are Destination Third Polo, Castagnini list, De Mossi list and SiAmo Siena). Alessandro Bisogni has the support of the Siena Popolare civic list, Emanuele Montomoli of the Emanuele Montomoli Mayor civic list. Fabio Pacciani (Polo Civico) is supported by the civic lists SenaCivitas, Per Siena, Sì – Patto dei Cittadini, Civici in Comune, Sustainable Siena, In Campo and Rewrite Siena.

How to vote in Siena

The rules valid in Siena are the same as for all Municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants: if no candidate for mayor manages to win in the first round, obtaining an absolute majority, there is a run-off between the two names with the most votes. Citizens will be able to choose to vote for a mayoral candidate and together with a list to which he is not connected: joint voting is permitted. Together with the mayor, the City Council is also renewed. The electoral system by which seats are distributed is proportional. 60% of the available places automatically go to the lists that support the mayor who is elected. The remaining 40% is divided among the other lists in proportion to the number of votes received.