Municipal elections in Trentino-Alto Adige and Valle d’Aosta, who are the elected mayors

A total of 4 municipalities went to vote in the two Regions on Sunday 21 May: in Lona-Lases it was once again not possible to elect a mayor while two winners have already been announced in Bresimo and Campo Tures. In Valtournanche, in Valle d’Aosta, the turnout was 63.330% and the counting is still in progress

Three municipalities in Trentino-Alto Adige and one in Valle d’Aosta went to vote on Sunday 21 May to elect the new mayor. The results did not require a ballot, a remote hypothesis which however would have occurred in the event of an absolute tie in the votes of the lists present.

Voting in Trentino-Alto Adige

In Trentino-Alto Adige the municipalities that voted were Campo Tures, in the province of Bolzano, Bresimo and Lona-Lases, in the Trento area. In Lona-Lases, after three unsuccessful attempts, the citizens were once again unable to elect a mayor: this time there was also a candidate, Pasquale Borgomeo, a former policeman. However, since there was only one list, it was necessary to reach 50% of the voters, a fundamental quorum to make the elections valid. However, only 31.9% of those entitled went to vote, 221 people out of 692. This means that a new commissioner will soon arrive in the village of Val Cembra. Different speech for Bresimo, where the 57-year-old Ivo Dalla Torre was elected, who will take the place of mayor Pozzatti, who died suddenly. It was 64.4% of the voters who crowned him, which made it possible to make an election valid where only one list was presented. Instead, in Campo Tures, Josef Nöckler was re-elected mayor, obtaining 65.4% of the votes with the civic list “Taufers 2010”. An important success for the 62-year-old retired auditor, who not only increased support from the 51.4% obtained in 2020, when he was first elected, but also surpassed the SVP, who ran for mayor Siegfried Stocker, who stopped at 34.6% of the votes, and responsible for his distrust since December.

Voting in Valle d’Aosta

In Valle d’Aosta only Valtournanche, a town of 2,256 inhabitants at the foot of the Matterhorn, went to the vote. At 11pm it was estimated that 63.30% of eligible voters went to the polls. The counting operations began at 8 am and are therefore still in progress. There are three lists in the running: “For Valtournenche and Breuil: territory, innovation and development” with candidate for mayor the current mayor Luciano Maquignaz, the “Vótornèn uni”, with mayor candidate Roberto Avetrani and the list “Tourism, territory, tradition”, led by former councilor Elisa Cicco.