Municipal elections run-off Cosenza, center-left wins with Franz Caruso

The Calabrian city returns to the center-left after ten years of center-right government. Franz Caruso obtained 57.59% of the preferences by beating his challenger of the same name Francesco Caruso, who stopped at 42.41%. In the first round, on 3 and 4 October, they obtained respectively 23.78% and 37.43% of the preferences

Cosenza returns to the center-left after ten years of center-right government. In the ballot, the Calabrian city chose Francesco “Franz” Caruso as the new mayor, who won with 57.59% of the votes. The challenger and namesake Francesco Caruso, supported by the center-right, stopped at 42.41%. At the round of 3 and 4 October, in the first round, they obtained respectively 23.78% and 37.43% of the preferences. The new mayor started at a disadvantage and has therefore reassembled (THE SPECIAL – HOW IT WENT IN THE FIRST ROUND). The final turnout for the ballot was 44.71%, while in the first round it was 64.87% (ALL MAYORS ELECTED IN ITALY – ALL UPDATES ON BALLOTAGES).

Franz Caruso: united center-left wins

“I am excited and very happy, thanks to everyone. Thanks to the city”, said Franz Caruso, criminal lawyer and provincial secretary of the PSI, commenting on his election as mayor of Cosenza for the center-left upon his arrival in the city secretariat, where supporters were waiting for him. elected councilors, friends and family. “This victory – he added – is the result of a political approach and we have shown that the united center-left wins. The city has demonstrated the greatest result, because it is evident that it is free and independent from the central power”.

How it went in the first round

In the first round of the municipal elections, none of the eight candidates had obtained the absolute majority of votes, necessary to be elected first citizen. The center-right candidate Francesco Caruso had obtained 37.4%, followed by the center-left candidate Francesco Alessandro Caruso (known as Franz) with 23.7% who ran with three lists in support: Italian Socialist Party, Democratic Party, Franz Caruso Mayor.