Municipalities 2023: Sondrio, Treviso, Imperia and Latina in the centre-right. In the centre-left Brescia and Teramo

Pisa at the photo finish, six capitals towards the ballot. Sgarbi elected mayor of Arpino

In the 2023 municipal elections, the centre-right moves towards the confirmation of its outgoing mayors in Sondrio, Treviso, Imperia, conquers Latina and it could also have the upper hand in Pisa where, however, the figure is still hanging by a thread and it is not excluded even going to the ballot. The centre-left, on the other hand, is preparing to remain in the saddle at the helm of Brescia and Teramo. And while the scrutiny continues in the thirteen provincial capitals that went to the polls, eyes are already on Vicenza, Siena, Ancona, Brindisi, Massa and Terni where the second round will go.

In Sondrio, the re-election in the first round of the center-right mayor Marco Scaramellini is looming, currently in the lead with over 58%, in Treviso the outgoing Mario Conte travels above 64%, in Imperia Claudio Scajola is preparing to be reappointed with over 62%. In Latina Matilde Celentano, with percentages above 70%, goes straight towards the leadership of the town hall which thus leaves the commissioner in which she ended up after the battle of appeals against the former mayor Damiano Coletta.

Uncertain situation in Pisa: when there are still less than a dozen sections missing, the center-right candidate is at 49.53% and only when the data is definitive will it be clear whether or not he will have succeeded in winning immediately or if the challenge is postponed to the ballot. The centre-left maintains leadership in Brescia, where candidate Laura Castelletti is likely to win the first round, and in Teramo, where outgoing mayor Gianguido D’Alberto, with a percentage above 54%, is proceeding directly towards reappointment.

The counting of votes continues and there is still no official announcement, but the ballot is looming in Vicenza, between the centre-left candidate Giacomo Possamai ahead of the centre-right challenger Francesco Rucco, in Siena, where Nicoletta Fabio (Cdx) is head to head and Anna Ferretti (Csx), in Ancona, with the candidate Daniele Silvetti (Cdx) ahead of Ida Simonella (Csx), in Brindisi, where Giuseppe Marchionna (Cdx) is ahead of Roberto Fusco, supported by the center-left and M5s.

In Massa, where the center-right presented itself divided, a duel is looming in the second round between the former mayor Francesco Persiani, re-nominated with the support of the Lega and Fi but not of FdI, and Enzo Romolo Rucci of the center-left. The centre-left seems excluded from the ballot in Terni where a challenge is expected between the centre-right candidate Orlando Masselli and Stefano Bandecchi, supported by Popular Alternative and civic lists.

While the final results are still missing in the larger cities, the ballot in the smaller municipalities has already decreed many first citizens. Among these Vittorio Sgarbi was elected mayor of Arpino, in the province of Frosinone while Giosi Ferrandino, the MEP elected with the Pd and who recently joined the Action of Carlo Calenda, is the new mayor of Casamicciola Terme.